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no one has died from smoking weed and no one will ever die from smoking mean green so smoke as much as u want peace.

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Q: How much weed can you smoke untl you die?
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Does everyone in Jamaica smoke weed?

Yes. Every single person in Jamaica smokes weed. If they didn't they would die because they have to smoke weed. Even Americans that go to Jamaica have to smoke weed. If they didn't they would die because weed is so good

What hapenss when you smoke weed will you have asma.?

you die

How much marijuana can you smoke before you die?

It is a proven fact that you have to smoke double your body weight in under 15 minutes all and all its impossible to die from WEED

If u smoke weed around your parrot will it die?


Can you take Buspar and smoke weed?

if u wanna die

Why do you smoke more when you drink?

when you smoke and drink at the same time it makes you not need as much alcohol to get you drunk. the effects of the weed helps make you drunker faster and not have to drink as much. but if you smoke to much weed and drink at the same time you can actually die from it because to much weed in your system will not let your body throw up when it needs to throw up so if you drink way to much you need to get it out of your system and most people throw it up but if u cant throw it you, you can die from alcohol poisoning which would blow. so if you do smoke and drink at the same time dont go crazy with both keep it simple dont drink tell you pass out and dont smoke a ton of weed

What is worse cigarettes or weed?

Cigarettes believe it I heard only 2 people have died from weed which is even hard to believe Lots of people die every year from tobacco related disease such as cancer heart attacks Weed is so much better the stupid people that smoke Cigarettes die but weed they die from being high so weed is better for you i heard from a cop that it helps you with cancer but that is kinda crazy

Should a person with diabetes type one smoke weed?

No. That would be stupid. You will get sick. And die. :(

What happens if you smoke recycled weed that was soaked in butane?

you will die. my friend tried it. i don't recommend it.

Could you die drom smoking weed that is 20 or more years old?

no you can not die from any weed unless you smoke three times your body weight in 2 hours which is impossible but 20 year old weed will get you high

How much weed can you smoke be for dieing?

if you sat in a chair and smoked weed non stop youd probably die from natural causes before the weed killed you itself yes unless you blazed up with some mad strong stuff then it would take about 3 years

Is illegal in NC?

yes, its illegal all over the united states, if you want that might as well smoke weed, people have died from spice... you cant die from weed