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You may not gain must from the depo shot. Everyone is different. You may gain up to ten even fifteen pounds, or you might not gain any.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-28 01:29:59
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Q: How much weight gain is expected from the depo shot?
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How long after you stop taking the Depo shot does it take for you to lose weight?

When you stop eating a lot. Depo-Provera does not make women gain weight. However, it can increase your appetite. You'll start loosing weight when you can control how much you eat, on the pill, or not.

What is expected cash flow?

How much you think you will loose and gain.

If you donate blood how much weight will you gain?

Donating blood has not been associated with weight gain.

Can you gain weight from eating grains?

If you eat too much you can gain weight from just about anyhing.

How much weight do the infant gain during the first year?

They gain about 3X their birth weight.

How much weight can you gain by eating avocados?

the calroie is not so much high, but you will definitely gain weight when eating one thing too much.

If you begin to take the pill or the patch will you gain weight and how much?

Yes there is a chance of weight gain with the pill, I am not sure about the patch, but I would not doubt it. There is no telling how much you will gain. I believe that the hormones are what makes you gain the weight. I can not guarentee that though.

How does a human being gain weight?

u gain weight by eating to much. u would eat 24/7 non stop and when u eat to much fats and to much sugar it can cause u to gain weight

How much is your appeton weight gain?


Does eating a lot of avocadoes help to gain weight?

Avocadoes are the most fatty fruit, but they may not help much in weight gain. If you easily gain weight, that will help.

How much weight can you lose in 4 week by purging?

You will gain weight.

Do women gain weight after becoming sexually active?

No we don't. You gain weight by not exercising and eating too much.

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