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Looking for the right answer never comes along with sticking your fingers down your throat. I know that it is a struggle, that you may have been having for quite some time, but tha is not the way, plus when you vomit, you are not loosing weight from fat, you are loosing nothing but water weight, bloat weight if we want to be technical. Baby, if you want to lose weight, i know it seems like it wont happen, because of the slow effects, diet to an extent, and live an active life. You dont want to be caught up in all the petty drama an eating disorder comes along with. It just isn't worth it. plus, you rot out your teeth, which isn't that atractive. Your health, and life, is on the line everytime you make that decision to purge. And if purging isn't the problem neccesarily, and its food, and the consumption, tell yourself repeatedly that you wont. Over and over. It me, It gets better:) First of all, I want you to know that that weight-loss option is not healthy in any way. I became severely depressed earlier this year, and went a week just drinking water and I only ate a few snacks the last 3 days of the week. I didn't ever throw up because I was actually trying to eat and just was not physically able to keep food down for a while. I lost 10 pounds that week, without having to throw up, and without having to totally stop eating.

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Q: How much weight will someone lose each day by eating nothing and vomiting when they do?
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What is a eating disorder because vomiting is an effective though dangerous way to lose weight?


What is the medical term meaning binge eating and intentional vomiting?

The syndrome of binge eating and intentional vomiting is known as bulimia nervousa. Unlike anorexia nervosa, patients with bulimia nervosa may have a normal weight.

How does vomit help?

Vomiting or "purging" actually does not help in weight loss in eating disorders. When someone with an eating disorder purges the food has already begun to digest, therefore at least 50% of the calories are unable to be "purged."

Can you throw up to lose weight?

Yes, however this is almost never recommended. Vomiting to lose weight is a serious eating disorder called Bulimia.

Is a common eating disorder because vomiting is an effective though dangerous way to lose weight.?

Bulimia nervosa.

How can one confirm someone has bulemia?

Signs of bulimia (spelling correction) include people eating lots of food, but no notice of weight gain. Other signs include an obsession with excessive exercising and getting angry when questioned about eating little food. A history of anorexia is also a sign that someone may have bulimia. Vomiting after eating as well would confirm it.

Who is A person who loses and gains weight repeatedly?

Someone with a eating disorder.

Why no weight loss in 4 weeks of exercises?

Perhaps you are not eating right. Exercise will mean nothing if you are eating too much or too unhealthy.

Why do i put weight on when I'm eating nothing?

You really shouldn't be. Then again liquids can have plenty of calories too. Eating little but drinking sodas for instance could let you gain weight for instance.

How much weight will someone lose by eating nothing?

It depends for how long. But that is a dangerous way of trying to lose weight. Instead, avoid all junk foods and sweetened drinks, and eat three small-portioned meals a day. If your weight doesn't decrease, see a dietician.

How long do you have to be anorexic to start losing weight?

You can start losing weight right away, but it will vary from individual to individual. Anorexia is an actually an eating disorder characterized by eating an unusually small amount of food and often vomiting it back up. It is unhealthy.

Does Chinese food help you to gain weight?

Depends on what you mean by "Chinese food." If you mean eating nothing but sticky rice, then no. If you mean eating nothing but General Tao's fried mystery chicken, then probably.

What is the average weight for someone that is 5' 5?

weight is nothing to worry about just be yourself!(and i don't really know.)

What are the side effects of eating sandwich?

Nothing but you may gain weight due to fat contents in sandwich.

How do bananas help you gain weight?

Bananas gives you potassium. You only gain a tiny amount of weight eating a banana. so nothing to worry about.

How did will Sasso lose his weight?

Will lost weight by walking five miles a day and eating nothing but boiled chicken and steamed vegetables for two years.

Weight loss diarrhea nausea and vomiting after eating?

There are many conditions that can cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting after consuming a meal. If this is of an acute onset, you may be have gastroenteritis. As with all things, if these symptoms last for more than a day or two consult a physician.

What should you not eat to lose weight?

try not eating anything white, bread sugar flour. nothing white

What causes weight gain vomiting and diarrhea?


How long does it take to lose weight when you are bulimic?

Many bulimics do not lose weight at all. Many are actually overweight. Self-induced vomiting is a very poor method of weight control. Even if you throw up the moment after you finish eating, a significant amount of the food still gets digested. This is especially true if you binge instead of eating normal amounts of food. A lot of the calories still get absorbed. Vomiting also makes you exhausted, so you are less likely to exercise.

Can you lose weight eating nothing but popcorn for a week?

You'll probably lose weight by just eating popcorn for a week, but it will be mostly water weight and the weight you lost (and usually more) will come back on once you start eating normally. It's best to eat a varied diet with lots of lean meats, low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

What eating disorder do you have if you eat nothing but one medium-sized meal in a day and throw up right after eating and how much weight would you lose doing that?

this can be considered an eating disorder not otherwise specified. You have anorexic and bulimic tendencies in this case. The only weight you will lose is water weight. there are many side effects to a situation like this including tooth decay, ruptured esophoagus, hair loss and many others. if you or someone you know has these tendencies seek help before its too late.

Is the answer to eating to much and putting on weight eating less and losing weight or not eating too much in the first place?


What is the normal penis length for someone who weighs 85 pounds?

Penis length has nothing to do with weight.

What is the best way to increase weight in someone who is underweight?

Before eating make an intention that am eating for the good cause...n wil ude this energy for good deeds....