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GameStop will not accept trade-ins for PC games because they cannot verify that the serial number provided with the game has not been registered and therefore cannot be resold in good faith

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Q: How much will GameStop pay for trading in The Sims 2 PC computer game?
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What store sells the computer game The Sims 2?

Bestbuy. Gamestop. Any gaming store around your area should have it.

What is the lowest cost for a sims game and where can you get it?

I saw Sims 3 in Gamestop for 10 dollars!

Where can you get the game sims 3 for Wii at?

at gamestop, best buy and more

Where can you get The Sims 4?

You should be able to get them in most game shops, like GameStop, or GAME. You can sometimes get them in toy shops, like Smyths! But you can't use an expansion pack unless you have the normal one first!

How much would a sims 2 game be worth at gamestop?

twenty or so quid

What level do you have to be on to get a job on Sims?

You don't have to be on no level. You can go from your sims computer or their newspaper.It depends if your game is on the computer or game system...

Is Sims 3 the game for Wii?

no sims 3 for computer

What is the trade in value for silver psp slim in box?

depends on where you plan on trading it into, for me i tried trading in a 35$ game into Gamestop and they said it's worth 2$ but they were selling that exact same game for 28$. i offer this advice. NEVER SELL TO GAMESTOP! orignally i bought the game for 54$

Why is your sims 2 game slow?

Your computer may not meet the sims 2 game requirements.

Where do you get sims 2 pets?

Yoyu can get that at a game store like EB games or GAMESTOP something that has electronics in it!

Where to buy the Sims 3?

you can buy sims at numerous locations but it depends on what platform we arr talking about pc target walmart gamestop kmart too sometimes xbox target (depends on what sims game ) walmart gamestop ps3 ( harder to find) gamestop (depends which one) target (depends on which one pets or regular) hope that helped :-)

How much gamestop credit will you get for trading in ds games?

it depends on the game. good games are worth more.