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Hopefully, you have full coverage insurance your own auto insurance will cover your damages.

Auto Insurance polices provide coverage for accidental losses and certain other losses beyond our control.

An "Intentional Collision" is not an accident and therefore would not be covered under the terms of the offending drivers insurance policy.

If someone hit you intentionally with a motor vehicle, in the United States this is considered a "Vehicular Assault" and is a Felony. With only a few exceptions, the assaulting drivers insurance company has no liability or obligation to pay for damages resulting from the criminal activities of it's insured.

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Your insurance company will tell you, they will send you a letter in the mail letting you know that they just paid out a claim and how much it was for and who it was made out to and why.....

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It depends on your insurance company police terms and conditions.

You would check out the written policy to see which it was. Accidental insurance is much cheaper than the other, because dying by accident is less common.

Follow it up as much as you can and get your insurance company involved if you are going to make a claim as they will try and get monies from someone else if they can transfer the responsibility.

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that depends on how much your policy says they will settle on. if you are having a problem with insurance company, get a lawyer. all insurance companies will rip you off and pay as little as they possably can

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You could find a home insurance calculator on most of the home insurance company websites. You could also ask your insurance company how much it will be too.

The increase in your insurance payments vary from company to company. Call your insurance agent, they can give you an estimate.

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There are only a few types of insurance policies offered by the Federal Insurance Company. They would include life and business insurance. There is not much information available other than that.

It depends on the auto insurance company. It's about $30/month.

Depending on what insurance company you chose to go with! You can go online and buy it for 120.00

The cost for insurance will be determined by the location of the vehicle as well as the type of vehicle.

It depends on your driving record, type of truck and what insurance company you go through.

It depends on your record and who your insurance company is.

It depends on the vehicle and the insurance company

Why in the world would anyone want to pay that much money for an insurance policy if they did not know the person? Life insurance is expensive.

Go to various insurance company websites to get a quote!

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