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How much will a ticket that is 19 miles over the speed limit cost in the state of Georgia?


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175 dollars


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A speeding ticket in the state of Georgia for 30 miles over the speed limit will cost $195. If the ticket is written for careless or reckless driving it will cost more.

It is important to drive the speed limit, it is there to keep all drivers safe. A person speeding 30 miles over the speed limit can cost a person their license and up to $250.

38 miles over the speed limit in Shelbyville, Illinois what will the cost of the ticket be?

For a Georgia speeding ticket each county sets the fine and it depends on your speed and the speed limit. If it is less than 14mph over the limit, it is no points against your Georgia drivers license and most people simply pay the Georgia speeding ticket. If it is more than that, you should retain a Georgia traffic attorney to try and get it reduced to a no points ticket.

Unmarked residential areas in Georgia have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour unless noted different by signage.

The cost of the speeding ticket in a school zone in California varies based on how fast you were driving. For 1 to 15 miles over the speed limit, the speeding ticket is about $223. For 16 to 25 miles over the speed limit, the speeding ticket is about $359.

Ever time you get a speeding ticket its 10 dollars per mile over the speed limit. So the price of that ticket would be $210.00 dollars.

A first offense ticket for this speed will be 150 dollars. The penalty will be another 30 percent of the 150 or so, so you would expect to pay 200 dollars or more total.

1 mph over the speed limit. The insurance company will get the information regardless of the speed.

The cost of a speeding ticket in Illinois depends on the county and how many miles over the speed limit. The ticket can be up to $1,000.

In order to get a speeding ticket that takes points of your license in Missouri, you need to be travelling over 5 miles over the speed limit. For a ticket 6 miles or more over the speed limit that is not excessive speeding, 2 or 3 points will be taken depending on whether it is a local, county, or state issued ticket..

it depends on what the ticket was for, if it was for a speeding ticket that was five miles over the speed limit then no. if you had a reckless driving then yes

my ticket for 17 miles over the limit in Tifton GA was $188.50. I'll pay the ticket but I was siting at a stop light! the cop came from across the street as I was sitting at the light waiting for it to change and lit me up! another classic case of DWB; being from out of state, it is not worth the drama to appear in court.

If a person is caught going 15+ over the speed limit they can lose their license. Their ticket will cost them between $200 and $250.

speeding ticket in alabama 15mph over speed limit

The exact price of the speeding ticket will depend upon where you received the ticket at. You should expect to pay approximately $150.

The speed limit is exactly that. The LIMIT. Driving faster than the limit can get you a ticket. So, No.

I believe it would due to a fact that you gave them your driver's license in order for them to give you the ticket. licensing is a state, not federaly run legality, just don't get caught in Georgia again, and nothing will happen, pay it or don't pay it.

Do not speed. Most police officers will not bother ticketing someone doing five or less miles over the speed limit.

The maximum speed limit for a residential area where no speed limit is posted is 35 miles per hour. The speed limit for a highway with no posted signs is generally 55 miles per hour.

Each county can set their own fines so you will have to call the clerk of court to find out. This is a serious ticket and will subject you to the additional superspeeder fine from the Georgia DMV. It is probably worth retaining an attorney.

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