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there is not confirmation that there will be a 3DS XL or Lite, but i thing i read about 3DS lite somewhere.

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As of March 2014, the MSRP for the Nintendo 3DS is $169.99 USD

The MSRP for the Nintendo 3DS consoles, excluding bundles, in Canada are as follows: Nintendo 2DS: $119.99 Nintendo 3DS: $169.99 Nintendo 3DS XL: $199.99 new Nintendo 3DS XL: $229.99 Prices are as of October 2015.

The nintendo 3ds comes after the nintendo wii.

There is no Minecraft game released for the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS games usually range from $35 - $45 (CAD/USD)

If you get a used Nintendo 3DS, it will cost about $79.99 at GameStop. A new Nintendo 3DS will cost just under $150. The games themselves are relatively cheap compared to an Xbox.

The New Nintendo 3DS only comes with the XL model as the standard size was unreleased in North America.The MSRP for the new Nintendo 3DS XL is $199.99 (USD) as of February 2015.

Nintendo 3DS sucks, instead get a DSi that comes with a transformation tool to a 3DS.

Most 3DS games are sold for $40, with a few priced at $50.

Inside the Nintendo 3DS box is: -A Nintendo 3DS system. -A charging cradle. -A charger. -Instruction booklets. -A Nintendo Club PIN (worth 750 stars!).

depends on what type of nintendo you are after. do you want an original, lite, i, xl or 3ds

As of 2013, the amount of money that a Nintendo 3DS costs in south Africa is between $170 and $250, plus tax.

The colours will not change the cost of the Nintendo 3DS so it should be the same price. In North America, as of January 2014, it costs $169.99 (CAD/USD)

The colors the Nintendo 3DS comes in are red, blue, black, pink, and purple.

Right now you can purchase a new Nintendo DS for around $100. The Nintendo 3DS which just came out will cost you around $165.

The Nintendo 3DS supposedly weighs 8 ounces.

The Nintendo 3DS is currently at a MSRP of $169.99 (CAD/USD)

Yes, the system comes with Nintendo 3DS Sound, an improved version of Nintendo DSi Sound, already installed.

nintendo wiiU (or wii U) search on youtube

The 3DS prepaid (Nintendo eShop) card's cost is equivalent as the amount on that card. For example, a $20 card will cost $20 and a $50 card will cost $50.

the pokemon black and white 2 are going to cost the same for the 3DS and the normal DS but on the 3DS it has been told that it will look somehow better.

No, the 3DS comes in may languages and can be purchased almost anywhere.

The Nintendo 3DS comes out in stores on March 27th, 2011, one day after the writing of this response.

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