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The brain is like a muscle the more you work it the stronger it gets. If someone is involved in a conversation and they are not just listening, they are contributing something to the conversation then 70% of the conversation will be remembered. If a person is just listening to a conversation withou contributing anything to it, they retain about 20% of that conversation.

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How much information can a human brain retain?

The human brain has the storage capacity to record 11 million books. Now, whether we use it all is debateable.

What is different between a goat brain and a human brain?

The human brain is much more complex

How does the fornix in a sheeps brain compare to a human brain?

The brain of a sheep is much smaller than that of a human. The sheep brain is approximately 10% of the human brain. Both brains have a fornix, which is again much smaller in the sheep brain.

How much does the human brain weight?

the human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds.

How much does a human brain wiegh?

Adult human brain weighs about 3 pounds.

How much brain does a human use?

a normal human uses about 10% of there brain everyday

How much can the human brain remember?

your human brain is like a computer it can remember anything.

Who much percent average water in human brain?

If you mean "How much percentage of water does a human brain have?", the answer is about 77-78%.

How much fat is in a human brain?

90% of your brain is fat

How much memory can be stored in the human brain?

there can be roughly 2.5 zettabytes stored in the human brain

How much information on average can the human brain store?

Currently, there is no way to measure how much information the human brain can store on average.

How much water dose the human brain consist of?

The Human Brain Consists of 80% water x

How much does adult human brain weight?

An adult human brain averages between 2.8 and 3.1 pounds.

How much does a human brain weigh?

The human brain weighs anywhere from a pound for a newborn and 3 pounds for an adult.

How much does the human brains weigh?

The human brain is approximately 1320g

How much of human brain weight?

10 pounds for the average human

How much of the brain does a human use?


How much does a human brain cost?


How much can a human brain carry?

about as much as a gallon of water

How much do does a human brain weight?

It is spelt much and the answer depends on who's brain (everyone's brain is different) probably about 5g C.Burgess

How much of the human population experiences brain freeze?

about 30% of the human population experiences brain freeze and 70% doesn't .

How do the sizes of the olfactory bulbs of the sheep brain compare with the human brain?

In a sheep brain, the olfactory bulbs are much larger than in a human brain."

How much larger is a Neanderthal brain than a human brain in percent?

They were the same size.

How much screen can the human brain take?


How much does the human brain remember?

over 100000