How much would a 1940 autograph from Charles Lucky Luciano?

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I've seen only one Charles "Lucky" Luciano autograph. It is currently on sale on a website (starts with "A" ends with "zon") with an asking price of $40,000. It's unlikely to fetch that much, but an individual autograph that has been authenticated or with provenance might pull a couple hundred to a thousand dollars or more. Truthfully though, Luciano's signature shouldn't be that rare, although not much in circulation. Not many will be willing or interested in owning a piece of such nefarious history.
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How much is a 1940s autograph book worth with over 120 baseball player autographs?

120 autographs or One autograph Book . Each of the 120 signatures would have to be valued on it's own merit. Each signature will be valued as a "cut signature". Cut Signatures are often cut from an item that has been ruined to save its value from such items as a cover of a publication, photograph ( Full Answer )

Did lucky luciano have children?

No. Lucky stated that he never wanted children, because the media had portrayed him so poorly that no child deserved to be the offspring of 'that gangster'. Many people have come along and made some sort of claim for being an illegitimate child of Luciano's, but none have been shown to have any cre ( Full Answer )

How much would an autographed Vancouver canucks jersey be worth?

They vary in price, on average $300-350 I would recommend buying from a reputable seller that ships them with a C.O.A here is a good, reputable seller: they also have auctions at

What charges were brought against Charles Lucky Luciano?

Luciani was arrested for supposedly operating a large scale prostitution ring. There is speculation that the government needed his help during WWII to secure the ports of NY, where German spies and arms were trying to sneak into the country, and so he was briefly jailed before being deported. What ( Full Answer )

How much is a Charles Bronson autograph worth?

Anywhere between $1500 US., to $4000 US. depending on how rare it is, and if the signature is real, and not faked. It also depends on what document the signature is written on, whether it is common photograph, or on a rare one of a kind document. Value depends on whether the signature is written by ( Full Answer )

Who was Lucky Luciano?

Salvatore "Lucky" Luciano was born in Lercarra Friddi, Sicily, Italy on Nov. 24, 1897. His family moved to the United States in 1907, and settled in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a popular place for many other Italians who had migrated before. At 14, Luciano dropped out of school, and worked for ( Full Answer )

How much would a baseball glove autographed by tony laRussia be?

Tony La Russa signed baseball Glove . A Tony La Russa signed baseball Glove is worth about $60.-$75. Price will vary based on the model, quality, and condition of the glove, and the placement of the signature on the glove. The better the signature displays on the glove the more valuable.. Value ( Full Answer )

Why Charles lucky luciano get in prision?

Charles Luciano was arrested and convicted for being the leader of the largest prostitution ring in the united states. He was sentenced to 30 to 50 years in prison. The entire case was seemingly exaggerated to get rid of him quickly and surely and the prostitution charge was the easiest to win fo ( Full Answer )

How much would an autograph picture of Joe Morgan be worth?

Joe Morgan signed 8 x 10 photo . A Joe Morgan signed 8 x 10 photo is worth about $15.- $25. Price will vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Photo composition, appeal, and how well the photo displays the signature will effect the value. The type ( Full Answer )

How much would an autographed Beatles album be worth?

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Why wasn't Charles Dickens lucky?

It's impossible to say why someone is or isn't lucky, by the very nature of luck. Plus, who says he wasn't lucky?

How did Charles ''lucky'' luciano become famous in the 1920?

Lucky Luciano took advantage of prohibition, passed in 1919, and began selling bootleg liquor. During the 20's, he also met Arnold Rothstein, who among other things was famous for fixing the 1919 World Series. When he died in 1928, Luciano took over many of his rackets. In October 1929, Luciano was ( Full Answer )

What was the name of the hit squad started by Lucky Luciano?

Luciano never started a hit squad. Bugsy Siegel was one of the hitmen Lucky used for the hit on Giuseppe Masseria , but he didnt have set group of guys he used for hits, and didnt start a hit squad. You might be thinking of Murder, Inc. or the DeMeo crew, famous hit squads.

How much is a Charles Gehringer autograph worth?

Charlie Gehringer Single Signed Baseball . A Charlie Gehringer Single Signed Baseball is worth about $100.-$150. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Signatures that have no ( Full Answer )

How much is a Mickey Charles Mantle autographed photo worth?

Mickey Charles Mantle signed photo . A Mickey Mantle signed 8 x 10 photo sells for about $150.-$300. Price will vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Photo composition, and appeal will effect the price as well. Part of the value will be determined ( Full Answer )

Did Charles lucky luciano smoke?

Luciano regularly smoked ciggarettes, and was known as a 'chain smoker'. Most pictures of him show him with a ciggarette in his hand/mouth. He died from cancer at Naples Airport.

Did Lucky Luciano go to school?

yes, he used to ask jewish kids for 10cents in return for protection, if they refused he would beat them, he went to the same school as them

What city was lucky luciano a gang memder?

Salvatore 'Lucky' Luciano was a memeber of the Cosa Nostra organized crime syndicate. He operated in New York, and was the boss of whats now called the Genovese crime family (renamed after Vito Genovese) one of the '5 Families' of Italian mob families that control the rackets in NYC.

How many people did Lucky Luciano kill?

This question is almost impossible to answer. First, thousands of gangland killings are unsolved and have no evidence linking anyone. Not to mention, hundreds more bodies 'dissapear', a la Jimmy Hoffa. Second, omerta (the code of silence) prohibits mafia members from discussing business with anyon ( Full Answer )

What happen to lucky luciano money after his death?

Organized crime is almost entirely a cash business. While he likely had some assets in banks or owned property, etc. the majority of his money was like cash, and much of it was in other countries where the FBI couldnt find it. He was making, after paying off bribes, about $4-6M/year, and likely mor ( Full Answer )

Did Al Capone work for lucky luciano?

Yes he did. When Luciano became leader of mobsters, he was given the title cappo di tutti cappi, but he denied it. Instead of that, he created a comission, in which every family boss was equal, but still, he was in charge in that commission... Al Capone was in that commission, as boss of one of ( Full Answer )

What famous quotes did Charles luciano say?

You can't make money gun in your hand. Therse no such thing as good money or band money, there is just money. The world is changing and there are new opportunities for those who are ready to join forces with those who are stronger and more experienced.

How did Charles Lucky Luciano get his nickname?

There is much speculation about how Luciano got the nickname 'Lucky'. Some say it was because he was 'lucky' enough to survive a severe beating and throat slashing, which left him with a droopy eye. Another theory is that he was 'lucky' enough to avoid spending a day in prison despite being arrested ( Full Answer )

Do the pictures of Frank Sinatra and Lucky Luciano exist?

While it's well known that some members of Cosa Nostra were very close to Frank Sinatra, and the Godfather's depiction of Vito Corleone getting that singer (his name escapes me at this moment - Johnny Fontane?) out of his contract by giving the record company 'an offer they cant refuse' is based upo ( Full Answer )

How much lucky you are?

In our daily life, there are numerous lucky or unlucky things. Takes me as an example, I live in Hong Kong but I am an American. Almost a month ago, Japan had a quake and a number of people were died. For example, some of them were died for crimped by rubbles, washed away by the tsunami, etc. Ever ( Full Answer )

Who is son of Charles Lucky Luciano?

Lucky Luciano never had any children, because he feared having children that would follow in his path. Anyone who says that Lucky had offspring is either confused or lying.

How did lucky Luciano change history?

While likely credited more than he probably was solely responsible for (some think he was the one who divided NYC into 5 families, which is incorrect), Salvatore "Lucky" Luciano was instrumental in not only changing the dynamics of Italian organized crime in the US, but is the only member of the sup ( Full Answer )

How old is Lucky Luciano?

Lucky Luciano was born on November 24, 1897 and died on January 26, 1962. Lucky Luciano would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 117 years old today.

Did Lucky Luciano have any male children?

He didnt have any children at all. He thought that it would be a terrible thing to have a child born who had to deal with being the 'gangsters' kid.

What facts are there about Lucky Luciano?

Let me clarify a couple of things. First, Al Capone did NOT work for Luciano, nor did Luciano work for Capone. Lucky had absolutely no money coming to him from The Chicago Outfit's rackets, and vice versa - with Capone having zip headed his way from NYC. Furthermore, neither had the power to tell t ( Full Answer )

Did Lucky Luciano have any nephews?

Not any that are officially recognized as such. He did have siblings, but none are believed to have been involved in organized crime. In all honesty, who knows? I know most known mafia members from 1900 until today, and cant say that Ive ever heard of anyone claiming to be related to Lucky Luciano. ( Full Answer )

For what reason is Lucky Luciano famous for?

Lucky Luciano was famous for being an American mobster. He was born in Italy in 1897 and later on in his life came to US. He also died in Italy in 1962.

What movie and television projects has Lucky Luciano been in?

Lucky Luciano has: Played himself in "I due Kennedy" in 1969. Played himself in "Unsolved Mysteries" in 1987. Played himself in "Biography" in 1987. Played Himself - as Lucky"" Luciano in "Biography" in 1987. Played Himself - as Lucky Luciano in "American Justice" in 1992. Played himself in "America ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Lucky Luciano - 1973?

The cast of Lucky Luciano - 1973 includes: Frank Adonis as Killer of Gene Giannini in New York Alberto Amato Armando Amatore Ettore Annunziata Piero Barbato Silverio Blasi as Italian Captain Pat Brocato Paolo Bruno Luciano Bruschini as Journalist Francesco Bufi as Journalist Salvatore Campili as Jou ( Full Answer )