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Q: How much would a set of 8 so-called hald dollars be worth set includes pony express diamond jubilee 1935 and danile Boone lexingtonky 1925 plus 6 more?
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What is value of a diamond?

1million dollars

If you got 165 dollars back for a diamond ring what was it worth?

Sounds like the diamond ring was worth 165 dollars.

How much would a diamond cost?

The money you pay for a diamond depends on its cut, clarity, carat weight and colour. You can spend several hundred dollars or several million dollars for a diamond.

How much is 1ctw diamond?

1900 dollars Mrs.dumalap

What is the cost of carbon in diamond form?

Its tricky, carbon in Diamond form means "Diamond",it could cost from a couple of Dollars a carat (Industrial) to say 2000 Dollars a carat(Gem quality) or more.........

How much do diamond studs cost?

Diamond studs vary greatly on the size and clarity of the diamond itself and even factors that include where the diamond was mined. On average a rather small diamond stud can be purchased for around 50 dollars. Specifically a 1 carat diamond stud can average around 1,000 dollars.

How much is Pokemon diamond worth?

About 10-15 dollars

How do you get 9999999999 dollars in Pokemon diamond?

Work work work

How much is the Tiffany diamond worth?

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is the worlds second largest canary yellow diamond. In 1983 the diamond was appraised and valued at 12 million dollars.

How much is diamond worth in dollars?

Every diamond is valued according to its cut, colour, carat weight and clarity.

How much is a Diamond Ring for Men?

Only one millon dollars

In 1955 What was the price of a 1 carat diamond ring?

1.50 dollars

What does Barbie and the Diamond Princess cost?

69.99 dollars, because if had the dimonds

How do you test diamonds?

Diamond testers can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars.

How much money do you make off diamond mining?

you can make a bout 3.5 billion dollars off of 2lbs of diamond so 2lbs times 50 = 100lbs , so 50 times 3.5 = 150.250 billion dollars off of 100lbs of diamond

Why don't law enforcement officials wear vests made of a material stronger than kevlar such as diamond?

Because one diamond vest would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to make. A diamond the size of the size of your thumb can be worth over a million dollars.

How do you get Pokemon Diamond?

you go to a gamestop with 35 dollars plus tax and buy it

How much money can you get from selling a Pokemon diamond game at gamestop?

about 20 dollars

What is the starting price for Diamond car insurance?

The starting price for Diamond car insurance is 1284 United States dollars for a female, and the starting price for a male is 2441 US dollars. These prices cover a year.

What is the cost of the hope diamond?

The cost of the Hope Diamond is around 50 to 500 million dollars to buy but you currently can't buy it now.

Is a lab created diamond an actual diamond?

A lab created diamond is a real diamond in all ways. It is chemically, physically, optically and molecularly identical to a mined diamond. There are only a couple of companies that can grow diamonds, and are still expensive (a few thousand dollars per carat). These should not be confused with simulants. Simulants may look like a diamond, but do not possess the same properties as a diamond. These include cubic zirconia and moissanite and are available for a hundred dollars or less per carat.

What are significant job related accomplishments?

to get zillions of dollars and get big cars and diamond rings

What is the maximum amount of money you can obtain in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

999,999 Poke Dollars

How much is my 14k gold diamond ring with 10p diamonds worth?

5 dollars

What is a 20 gauge diamond special shotgun worth?

The Diamond shotgun series is imported by Adco Sales Woburn,Ma.These shotguns which are made in Istanbul,Turkey have 3 different models of shotgun in 20 gauge.A Diamond double field grade will be worth 160-250 dollars for a shotgun showing between 60%-90% of it,s original finish and a good set of bores.The Diamond Imperial will be worth between 300-385 dollars,and the diamond double elite will be between 235-330 dollars.