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Q: How much would a top chef in a high dollar restraunt make?
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What education needed to become a personal chef?

you need to have a high school degree to become a chef. it would be the best! ;]

What high school course can help prepare to become a chef?

Saranac high school can help you become a chef and it is a better school and you would love the teacher but you better ask your mom and dad before you come to this school to become a chef

What high school classes would you need to take to become a chef?

If you are in high school and plan on becoming a chef you should take chemistry, culinary arts, food service, and food nutrition.

What is the job availability of a chef?

job avability of a chef is very high

Do you have to have a high school diploma to be a chef?


How high would a stack of 195 hundred dollar bills be?

195 100-dollar bills would be 0.84 inches tall.

What are some high school classes you need to take to help you become a chef?

At my high school the only subjects to do with being a chef is food tchnology but to check if there is any others at your school i would ask a teacher.

What is something interesting about a pastry chef?

There is a high rate of suicides in the pastry chef jobs

How high is a stack of 700 billion dollars?

If they are one-dollar notes, the stack would be 47.51 miles high.

Does a dollar bill get you high?

No, but it costs you a dollar.

How many hours do chefs work a day?

depending on the restaurant the chef works for depends on the amount of hours, if its a low paid chef they'd work about 7 hours and a high paid chef would work about 13-14 hours a day

What do you need to do to become an executive chef?

you would need to be a line chef first before you can become an executive chef, and you are required to have a high school diploma also. In some restaurants you are also required to go through some type of culinary school.

How many years of college does it take to be a chef?

There is not actually a true amount of education needed to be a chef. to take Chef schooling in a college would take around two years, the higher you would like to be would add on more years to the education. but what most places do is an apprenticeship program, because a chef is a trade you can earn apprenticeship hours to be able to be a chef without spending a lot of time in college; taking foods courses in high school do well to get you closer .

What does high dollar mean?

A high dollar means that the currency of a nation is valued as being higher when compared to other nations. Nations with a high dollar have more purchasing power as a result. For example, one Canadian dollar is equivalent to about 53 Indian Rupees, which means that the Canadian dollar has a high dollar.

How much volume of 1 million dollar bill stack up?

100 dollar bills would stack 44 inch high

Are there certain school of being a chef?

High School- Food And Finance High School

How much do an executive chef make an hour?

Executive Chefs are normally not hourly, they are salary. The average income is about 95k- 150k a year. The salary of an Executive Chef is very dependant upon the area in which the chef is working. The actual average salary for an Executive Chef is not that high. The average salary of 95k-150k would be for a Corporate Executive Chef. An Executive Chef average salary is only about 50k-85k a year.

What high school courses would prepare a person for becoming a chef?

They do have culinary art programs affiliated with the county vocational schools.

Do you need a high school diploma to be a chef?

no you do not need a diploma

What high school courses are required to become a chef?


What character of high school musical wanted to be a chef?


Can you become a chef without a high school doploma?


When was Dollar Bay High School created?

Dollar Bay High School was created in 1914.

What is the value of a John Adams presidential dollar?

These coins are common and worth a dollar. One is a high uncirculated condition would be worth up to $1.50.It's worth one dollar.

How tall is a stack of 1000000000 dollar bills?

A stack of 1,000,000,000 one-dollar bills would be about 358,333.33 feet tall or 67.87 miles high.