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If you are an amateur, then by definition you do not get paid.

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Q: How much would an amateur magician make?
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How much do a professional magician make?

Ask Cris Angel :)

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How much does an amateur bantamweight boxer make?

An amateur is a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis.

What is electromancer?

The word electromancer would mean a magician who employs electricity (much as a necromancer is a magician of death, or an oneiromancer is a magician of dreams). It is not a well developed category of magic.

How much do elite gymnasts make?

They do not get paid. Gymnastics competitions are all amateur.

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dark magician of chaos is much much rarer and it has an effect unlike magician of black chaos which has no effect and has to be ritual summoned

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Registered USA Boxing amateur boxers are not paid for competing - pro boxers are. Amateur boxers may receive a daily per diem if competing in a major tournament.

How much would an ultra rare dark magician card be worth?

it would be worth about 30 to 40 dollars

How much does an amateur mma fighter make in Alabama?

Nothing, at least not as a fighter. Amateurs do not get paid for their performance. They would have to get income as an instructor or in another line of work.

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Not much if you are an amateur. The question should be how much money does a photographer spend per month!

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