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How much would an oval coffee table with clamshell legs cost?


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2010-11-14 03:31:51
2010-11-14 03:31:51

== == about $10- $13958-21352 it depends how much you want to spend.


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The cost of a mahogany coffee table with drawers depends on factors such as the age and brand of the table. You can purchase mahogany coffee tables with drawers online at Walmart starting from $250.

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How much a lift top coffee table cost depends in which country one is purchasing it. In the United States one can purchase them for between $150 and $250.

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You can find a variety of coffee tables and end tables at Target or They have tables starting at $50.00.

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It would depend upon the retailer. Of course there are cherry wood coffee tables that are not solid cherry. These ones tend to be more affordable. Solid cherry tables can go up to 3,000 dollars.

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They range anywhere from $30 to $800. Depends on how much storage you want and how big you want the table.

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