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Cost�s can vary when it comes to insurance for a motorcycle. It is cheaper than an automobile mainly because most bikes are less likely to cause as much damage or cost as much to fix as a car. With that said however, it will probably depend on what you buy. All of my friends have had cruisers so what they pay may be different for say a Hayabusa. It could be like the difference between a Mini Cooper and a Porsche. But more to the point, one friend paid 30 a month, and the other 50 a month. The first having a better driving record and older than the second. They both drive older 80 model bikes. I�m not exactly sure what I pay seeing how I have several cars on my insurance and just go through the same company. I also can not help with anything but limited liability seeing how none of us have the money to afford it. Hope that helps.

I pay 702 per year for my 2005 Road King Custom. Complete coverage, $1Million liability. I pay 553 for complete coverage and $1Million liability for my 2002 Ford pickup F150 S/C XLT. Only your insurance company can tell you what you will pay.

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Q: How much would minimal motorcycle coverage cost?
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How much is the average insurance for a motorcycle?

The average cost for motorcycle insurance varies based on age, driving record, location of residence, type of motorcycle, and type of coverage. The price can range from $200 to $1000 per year.

Does insurance pay the whole injury cost if it is beyond their coverage?

no why would they its beyond their coverage

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Would a 50 motorcycle be cheaper to insure than a 125 motorcycle?

I would think yes the smaller the cc the less cost for premium.

What would motorcycle insurance cost for a 22 year old?


Is there online motorcycle insurance?

As with car insurance there are many insurance companies that provide online motorcycle insurace. Most companies have a free quote section on their website. It is always advisable to compare coverage and cost between several companies.

How much would it cost to travel from CT to Florida in a motorcycle at 3.25 per gallon?

The answer will depend on the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.The answer will depend on the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.The answer will depend on the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.The answer will depend on the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.

What is the average cost per mile to operate a motorcycle?

The average cost per mile to operate a motorcycle is dependent upon the type of motorcycle. The average motorcycle will cost one third less than the average automobile.

Choosing a Motorcycle GPS?

A motorcycle GPS can be a great way to travel from point A to point B without any unexpected detours. However, it may not be possible to use a traditional GPS unit on a motorcycle. Fortunately, there are several motorcycle GPS units that can provide an individual with directions with minimal distraction. In many cases, a motorcycle GPS comes with a bluetooth transceiver. This transceiver can be used to transmit audio directions to a bluetooth headset. Since many motorcycle drivers wear headsets to communicate with their riding buddies, this can be a great way to add voice directions to one's trip for minimal cost. In addition, some motorcycle GPS systems allow people to set up the unit via their voice.

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How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

About as much as car insurance. Actually, it cost me, in Georgia, for Full coverage on my 2 motorcycles, about 1/4 what it cost me for full coverage on my 2 motorcycles. And no, I didn't skimp anywhere on any of my coverages, all deductibles on all policies are set at $250, all late model vehicles, both motorcycles are Harley Davidson. We did both go to the Harley Davidson Rider's Edge school, which I believe gave a discount on both car and motorcycle insurance. If it cost me as much as my car insurance, I wouldn't be riding!

What is Coverage A in insurance?

Coverage A is the dwelling amount. As in, if it cost $250K to rebuild your house then that is what your coverage A should be.

How much do motorcycle ramps cost?

Motorcycle ramps can vary in price depending on the model, company, and size. The smallest, cheapest motorcycle ramps can cost $40 but the high end models cost about $300-$500.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost in Arizona?

There are many variables that decide what your insurance would cost, such as; Your driving record Type of bike Cost of bike Your age

Cost of tail coverage?

The cost of tail coverage is typically around $200.00 monthly. For a medical practice that has been around for a long time it will usually cost about $50,000 all together for tail coverage.

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What is the cost of motorcycle shipping within the US?

The cost of shipping a motorcycle within the U.S. will depend upon several factors. Chief among these is the distance the motorcycle is to be shipped. However, the cost of shipping is likely to be in the region of $500.

Does motorcycle insurance cost more for a teenager than car insurance?

It depends on what you drive / ride. It is best to get quotes from different insurance agencies, and find out who can offer you the best deal for the coverage you want.

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How much does it cost to take motorcycle safety course in wisconsin?

It cost around $300 to take a motorcycle safety course in Wisconsin.

How do you use your car towing packages with your loan?

Generally, I can't think if any way that your towing coverage would have anything to do with you auto loan. If your vehicle was repossessed and charged your account for the cost of repossession your auto policies towing and labor coverage would not cover this cost.

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What is the average cost for motorcycle insurance in Illinois?

The average cost for motorcycle insurance in Illinois is around $1,500 annually. However, the rate will vary depending on your age, driving record, and type of motorcycle you have.