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How much would minimal motorcycle coverage cost?


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Cost�s can vary when it comes to insurance for a motorcycle. It is cheaper than an automobile mainly because most bikes are less likely to cause as much damage or cost as much to fix as a car. With that said however, it will probably depend on what you buy. All of my friends have had cruisers so what they pay may be different for say a Hayabusa. It could be like the difference between a Mini Cooper and a Porsche. But more to the point, one friend paid 30 a month, and the other 50 a month. The first having a better driving record and older than the second. They both drive older 80 model bikes. I�m not exactly sure what I pay seeing how I have several cars on my insurance and just go through the same company. I also can not help with anything but limited liability seeing how none of us have the money to afford it. Hope that helps.

I pay 702 per year for my 2005 Road King Custom. Complete coverage, $1Million liability. I pay 553 for complete coverage and $1Million liability for my 2002 Ford pickup F150 S/C XLT. Only your insurance company can tell you what you will pay.


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The average cost for motorcycle insurance varies based on age, driving record, location of residence, type of motorcycle, and type of coverage. The price can range from $200 to $1000 per year.

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If maternity coverage comes with your plan, its worth the cost. If you can only get maternity coverage through a maternity rider, it is likely not worth the cost. You would be better off using a health savings account.

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I would think yes the smaller the cc the less cost for premium.

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