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I would think yes the smaller the cc the less cost for premium.

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Q: Would a 50 motorcycle be cheaper to insure than a 125 motorcycle?
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Is it cheaper to insure a motorcycle in WI or AZ?

Motorcycle insure is way cheaper in Arizona than Wi.-Kamii Kamiister Kamz Babez-

What is the cost of insurance on a used motorcycle?

It depends on where you store it, your age, how long you have been riding, as well as the engine size. Overall they are much cheaper to insure than any car

Why did John build a motorcycle?

cheaper and better than buying

Is a motorcycle cheaper to run than a car?

Yes motorcycles are cheaper to run. A: especially if it's a battery powered one.

Do you need to insure a 49cc motorcycle in California?

Yes if you are riding on public roads/streets than yes you need insurance.

What are the advantages by riding motorcycle than car?

The advantages of the motor cycle is it is smaller and cheaper to run. Cars use more methhane than motorcycle. So buy a motorcycle and impress the girls! Motorcycles are better than cars because you dodge through traffic, and you get sexy ladies

Is scooter insurance the same as motorcycle insurance?

No, scooter insurance in quite a bit different than motorcycle insurance, and it is normally much cheaper too. This is because scooters do not have as much horsepower as a motorcycle and they are normally not driven on expressways.

Is there cheaper travel insurance than insure and go?

Insure and Go is one of the biggest travel insurance providers in the UK, though not necessarily the cheapest. They also have very poor reviews. Try checking out Aviva or Barclay's for other options.

How much is the cheapest motorcycle?

Technically, it depends what motorcycle you buy and the place, too. Normally, the most cheapest motorcycle is the 2009 QLINK Megelli. I don't really think it gets much cheaper than that. Its cost is almost around $3,499. To prove it, look it up, they give you good motorcycle prices.

What is cheaper motorcycle insurance or car insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is by far cheaper. The reason being if you hit another car with a car you can do some serious damage even kill people. Now if you hit a car on a motorcycle you will probably only kill yourself. Insurance companies could care less about the damage you do to yourself, so they charge less than car insurance.

I just got my license and I am 19. I live with my mom. Is it cheaper to be on my moms insurance or get me own.?

More than likely it will be much cheaper to be on you mothers insurance. If you have your own vehicle you will need insurance, depending on the circumstances, you may want to be designated as driver of the cheaper vehicle to insure even if that is not your vehicle.

Is insurance on a minivan higher or lower than on a car?

Insuring a minivan can be much cheaper than many other vehicles, including cars. The reason for this is that bigger cars generally cost less to insure.

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