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three places


don't take xbox any more








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Q: How much would you get for an Xbox and a GameCube?
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Is a GameCube and a Xbox the same?

No, Nintendo made the GameCube and Microsoft make the Xbox. The GameCube is quiet old now.

Can you use GameCube disc in xbox?

No, you cannot play GameCube games on the Xbox. Only Xbox games are playable on the Xbox.

Is Xbox better than GameCube?

depends which xbox

Is the GameCube better than the Xbox?

no the xbox is better

Can you put GameCube games in an xbox?

Just as much as you can put baseballs in an egg carton.

Is I Ninja for Xbox 360?

no but it on playstation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Windows

Nintendo invented GameCube created Xbox?

Microsoft created xbox

What is the best xbox 360ps3dspspps2 or GameCube?


Is there a GameCube emulator for xbox 360?

not yet

Can you trade in a GameCube a GameCube game 4 ps2 games a GameCube memory card and fable two for xbox 360 and a GameCube controller for 100?


What is better GameCube or Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 is in a different better league

Is Superman returns for GameCube?

No, there is no Superman Returns game for the GameCube. It's available for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and PSP.

How much would a GameCube cost?

it cost about $99

How do you make a GameCube game work?

Buy an xbox.

Is Sonic Heroes for the PS2?

Yes and Xbox and GameCube

Is Godzilla Save the Earth on GameCube?

no but it is on ps2 and xbox

Is there halo on gamecube?

No, Halo is only for Xbox and PC

How much does Call of Duty cost for wii?

which one? If you mean "Call Of Duty Finest Hour" then it not even available for Wii. They only have it for Gamecube and Xbox (not Xbox 360).

How much would you get for a used GameCube at Game Crazy?


How much would you get for your GameCube?

try and get £20 if not try eBay

What is better a wii ps3 xbox or GameCube?

wiidefinately wii

Can you play a GameCube game on a Xbox 360?

No. Yes, no not really.

Is there halo 2 on GameCube?

Xbox Only Scrub...and pc

How much would a GameCube sell for?

Gamecube is a fairly old system, you could maybe get 30-50 dollars for it

Can the GameCube play xbox games?

I don't think so. I know the WII can play gamecube games though.