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you would most likely get around 30$ for it i would not recommend selling it at gamestop at all

Gamestop only buys PS2 game titles they want. They have a huge inventory of PS2 games that they already purchased. You need to take your games in or at least look up there selling price at Gamestop. The game titles are very important in whether anyone will want your games

It depends what the games are and each Gamestop varies. Call your local Gamestop and ask.

It depends on if you were selling to a private person or if you were selling it to a store like GameStop. Selling it to a store would not be much because they are not popular anymore. They might pay $20-$30. It would depend on how badly an individual wanted a GameStop how much they would be willing to pay for one, but it would likely be about the same amount as a store.

It would not even be $10. Keep your games.

knowing gamestop they will rip you off and give you like 15 dollars or maybe less. selling it on eBay would probably get you more molney. actually they give you from 50 to 70$ which isn't bad but for games depending on how new they are you get anywhere from 5 to 15$

Some titles they do not purchase and some they pay under a dollar for. You will get way less than the Gamestop selling price for the games for the ones they do want to purchase. Amazon also buys games and you can also list them for sale yourself which is important if there are few used titles available on amazon for your game because it is rare

Look at the titles and see what they are being sold for online at Gamestop. Unless they want the game titles because they think they can sell them they might not even purchase them the lower there selling price the less they will want them. Many old games do not sell well and Gamestop already has plenty to sell. Don't expect a price near what they are selling them for sometimes they make all the games buy one get one just to reduce there inventory. Games also drop in value and the price paid to you must consider whether it will sit on a shelf until it dropped in price.

I'm not absolutely sure what your saying, but i would say boys games are at gamestop. You can find them anywhere

It depends on what game it is and what system it is for.

Do. Not. Sell. It. To. Gamestop. Pokemon Emerald is really rare now a days so try selling it on ebay. A lot of people would pay a lot to get it. I have 2 :)

List the fields that you would expect to find in a database for a shop selling computer games.

Gamestop will only purchase titles that they think will sell so they may not even want them

depends on the store. I would try gamestop first, as they are the top video game store

I had just called them about this a couple of weeks ago. They said all PS3's would be around $70-120$ store credit. I know, I know, Gamestop majorly rips people off. But if you don't like what Gamestop offers, just go online and sell it.

It depends on the condition of your PS2 game. It could be as little as $50 to $350, however, some PS2 games only are given $5.00 to the owner. It depends on the usage and the condition of the game.

There are many sites you could visit to find Plug n Play Video Games to purchase. I personally would try Gamestop or Toys R Us. Gamestop would have them on sale for less as well.

Yes i would love to work at gamestop because i am a person who love giving information about games that i have played and research on to people. I don't mind working long hours.

Less than half the price Gamestop will sell them for when you look them up at

Anywhere, depending on the game, from $1.00 to $30.00 .

in Ireland about 20 euro cash, though you'd get more if you take store credit. I imagine they have a standard price they pay for every title. If your selling some rare games like ico then put them up on e-bay and you'll get more than gamestop will offer.