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You win the amount based on the questions you get right. If you are good, bet your limit on the double jeopardy questions and bet all you have on the final question.

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How much is 17 questions wrong out of 70?

53 questions this was a test it would be 75%

Where can you find the daily final jeopardy category?

There is a site that keeps a record on Jeopardy games scores, contestants, questions and answers, etc called J! Archive. However since they have so much information to load it is not always current with the latest daily information. While a link to this site can be found under related links checking the new questions for the Jeopardy category page on this site will often give you the information you require.

How much money did Double Jeopardy gross worldwide?

Double Jeopardy grossed $177,835,231 worldwide.

How much money did Patrick tucker win in jeopardy?

$100,000. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeopardy!_College_Championship

How much money did Double Jeopardy gross domestically?

Double Jeopardy grossed $116,735,231 in the domestic market.

If people spent as much effort answering questions as they do on forums and messages would all the questions get answered?

Probably not. If most people spent there time looking on all of the forums, we would probably have so much more unanswered questions.

What if you answered every Jeopardy question right how much money is that?

$54,000. Math: 6($200+$400+$600+$800+$1000)+6($400+$800+$1200+$1600+$2000) Don't forget the 3 daily doubles and the final Jeopardy. The goof balls want them to come up last and be on the lowest dollar amount then they want you to bet it all on each time it came up and again on final Jeopardy. Like that would happen.

How much would you weigh on the planets?

See related link for all your questions.

What do you do backstage lil Wayne concerts?

i would ask as much questions as possible

Is it ok to date cousins?

NO! It would be to weird because he/she would know way to much about you and your family would ask questions!

How much interest would you make if you had 250000?

This would depend on how much interest you are making on your investment. The questions is incomplete because there are so many variables that would change the answer.

How much can you bet on a daily double in jeopardy?

If you have less than $1000 in the Jeopardy round or $2000 in double Jeopardy you can bet that or more up to the total amount you have earned and down to a wager of only $5.

How much is one wrong out of 40 questions?

One wrong out of 40 questions would mean you scored a 39/40. This would be 97.5% (39 ÷ 40 = .975)

Do mini braces cost as much as metal braces?

It's not right to ask these kind of questions online. You're not going to get a right answer unless you visit a dentist. JEEZ!

What if i missed 4 out of 15 questions?

It would be a 73, depending on how much each question was worth.

How much money won on jeopardy?

Much less than the Wheel of Fortune show which has awarded more than 180 million in cash and prizes. A link has been added of Jeopardy 50,000 plus winners.

Does any one realize that if you typed most of these questions into Google you would have your answer much quicker?

Yes, but if nobody ever asked questions in forums that would not be the case. So, live and let live my friend.

How much money did Ken make on Jeopardy?

His total earnings on Jeopardy! are $3,022,700 ($2,520,700 over his 74 wins, a $2,000 second-place prize in his 75th appearance, and a $500,000 second-place prize in the Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions).

How much would a Jason varitekv and johny Damon and nomar garciaparra signed ball be worth?

probalily as much as a beast on billy goat. not really much at all. and what kind of dumb questions are these everyone in there right mind wouldn't ever want a garciaparra auto graph he is a loser let him show you the 2004 and 2007 ring. that's right he doesn't have one.

Do the jeopardy contestants know how much each bets at the end of the show?

The Final Jeopardy bets are revealed after the 30 seconds of writing time ends. Before then, the contestants don't know how much the other contestants bet.

How much did ken jennings win on jeopardy?

Ken is a very smart man. He knows his stuff... he appeared on Jeopardy 74 times before getting beaten on his 75th appearance. His total winning's on Jeopardy was an outstanding.. $2.52 million.

Why does every one answer the questions on here?

Well they cant have only one person answer them. It would be to much work.

How much would a person weigh on a meteor?

alot. you weigh alot. there now stop with the stupid questions/

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