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Go to for the least expensive and best quality glow in the dark paints. I use them all the time in my hobby.

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Q: How mush is glow in the dark paint at Party City?
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Where can you get a glow in the dark Game Boy pocket?

If you want a glow in the dark game boy pocket then make it yourself. Paint it with a crayola glow in the dark paint.

What is a glow in the dark party?

it is a party where it is glow in the dark so you should wear some thing white if you don't have anything glow in the dark.

Are glow in the dark nails real?

Not actual nails but if you paint them glow in the dark then yes they can

Will glow in the dark fabric paint still glow after you wash it?

If it is fabric paint by Tulip (aka Puffy Paint) then no. Wash away and stilll expect the glow!!

Can you paint your car glow in the dark?

Yes you can .

Is there glow in the dark converses?

I'm not sure if they make glow in the dark, but they make neon and if that is not good enough, you can buy glow in the dark fabric paint and turn them glow in the dark by yourself. they will be your custom designed glow in the dark converse if you do it by yourself

Why do prawns glow in the dark?

They Glow In The Dark Cos The Sharks Are Bullys And Dip Them In Glow In The Dark Paint There Is Your Answer Loads Of Love The Idiot At The Back In English xxxxx

How can you make your own shoes neon colored or even glow in the dark?

For them to glow get glow in the dark paint from a craft store. ChaCha

How can you make things glow in the dark at home?

Get some glow-in-the-dark paint, or self-adhesive sticker material.

What could make a dead crab claw glow in the dark?

Glow in the dark paint, or glow in the dark gel. very thin layer over anything will do the trick.

How do you make your face glow?

Glow in the dark paint. It can be found at most dollar stores.

Who invented glow in the dark paint?

I'm not that sure who invented glow in the dark, but German alchemist Hennig Brand discovered Phosphor, the main "ingredient" in glow in the dark things.