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Music affects your heart rate in different ways, I don't exactly know how. But heres a link that will clear things up a bit.

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How does the genre of music affect the heart rate?

Heavy metal music affects your heart rate because it is loud and people are screaming

Music affects heart rate?

anything can affect HR, thinking about your HR affects your heart rate. Music definitely can. Music can't do it all by itself, the way it works is music affects your mood and THAT in turn affects your HR. If music makes you angry or upset your HR will rise and if the music soothes you or relaxes you, then your HR will fall.

How does music affect your heart rate application?

The main mechanism in which music affects your heart rate is determined by your emotional response to it. Music that makes you feel angry, fearful, or excited will increase your heart rate. Music that calms and soothes or makes you contented will decrease your heart rate. Also, if you are dancing to music, your heart rate will typically increase.

How does music affect your heart rate?

I think that music affects your heart rate by your heart aka pulse witch by a heart rate monitor you can tell by the music that you put like for example rock maybe your heart will go fast to it and to say classic maybe your heart will stay normal or go down to relax youso this is what i think about how music affects your heart rate. Also i think that it depends on the type of music you listen to like hip~hop, hip~hop is like a sorta buncing type of music. So yes it can effect your heart rate.

Do music affects the rate of heartbeat?

Yes, music does affect the rate of a heartbeat. Music can often be used to lower the heart rate and tension level in a human.

Can music affect the heart rate?

Absolutely. "Music affects our senses" (I learned that on Bill Nye The Science Guy), and our senses are a channel for stimulus which effects a physiologic change in us. Additionally, the emotional response to the type of music affects our heart rate. Music I would consider soothing slows my heart rate perceptibly, and music I would consider exciting (or maybe irritating) speeds my heart rate. The brain responds to the rhythm and whenever we listen to music, the brain catches the rhythm and this is why it affects heart rate. It becomes subconscious act, like a neurological pulse, and this affects the medulla oblongata which controls heart rate. The heart rate doesn't beat at the same tempo as the music, but it sows down or speeds up in order to become closer to it.

Does music affects heart rate?

Yes, it speeds up your heart because of the adrenaline you release

What is a good title for a science project asking if music affects your heart rate?

the beat of your heart <3

How does Techno music affects your heart rate?

Techno affects a persons heart rate in many ways. 1- techno can cause you to be happyand energetic, so your heart rate increases 2- techno can cause a person to be annoyed due to the repetiton of sounds, therefore, your heart rate may increase or decrease depending on the song

Does music affect heart rate?

Yes it does. Slow music decreases heart rate. Rock music increases heart rate.

Science projects on how loud music affects your heart rate?

Try staying off the drugs next time you go to a rave so you can get a count on your heart rate.

How does singing effect heart rate?

Yes It affects Your heart rate.

How does music affect the pulse?

Music affects the pulse because of the tempo.If the tempo is fast, the heart rate, breathing, pulse rate, and blood pressure increase.If the tempo is slow, they become reduced. Your personal preference of music doesn't apply in the situation. It is solely the tempo of the music being listened to that increases or reduces heart rate, breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure. Music benefits your heart, also!

How does stress affect heart rate?

How stress affects your heart rate is when you get all pumped up from being stressed it causes your heart to beat alot faster which affects tour heart rate by increasing it.

How does music affects heart rate?

Your heart tries to beat along, or resonate with the beats in the music. It's similar to the way you tap your feet to a good song, after all, it's a muscle.

How does music affect the heart rate of a goldfish?

Music has the same impact on the heart rate of a goldfish that it does a person. It can increase or decrease the heart rate.

How does the parasympatheitic system affects the heart?

it slows your heart rate.

Does loud music effect heart rate?

no, it doesn't, but if you dance to the music, it can effect your heart rate.

Can music affect your heart rate?

Yes music can affect your heart rate. I am a 7th grader and I did a science fare project on music and your heart rate. Music can and will affect your heart rate. Music with a faster tempo will higher your heart rate adn visa versa. Well im doing a science project on that to and im in sevnth grade and do you need a stethoscope for this?

How does music affect your heart beat?

Several studies in the last decades tackled the question whether and how hearing music affects your heart rate. Ellis and Brighouse (1952) said that Jazz music increased slightly the heart rate. Dainow(1977) said that fast music increases the heart rate slightly while slow music decreases it slightly. Surveys he cites claim that any type of music increases the heart rate, probably because of its emotional effect. Iwanga, Kobaiashy and Kawasaki (2005) say that excitative music makes the heart go faster. Please see the links for details.

What affects your heart rate internally?


What affects heart rate?

Your state of mind affects your pulse rate. There are many contributing factors such as Fear, laughing, breathing etc. · Loud Noises · Exercise · Caffeine · Television . scary movies ........... And loud tempo music.........

What is a good title for how does music affect the heart rate?

The song "Stayin' Alive" and its affects on survival. This is because that song has the exact number of beats per minute as the heart does.

How does dancing affect your heart rate?

Dancing affects your heart rate by speeding it up from physical activity.

Do different type of exercise affect heart rate?

All physical excersice affects heart rate...

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