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Feel like home Stay at home

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Q: How not to get home sick?
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What is the duration of Home Sick?

The duration of Home Sick is 1.48 hours.

You are home sick what shall you do?


What part of speech is sick?

Sick is normally an adjective She is sick. That ride was sick! :) The sick boy stayed home.

Can your child get sick and stay home from school on the sims3?

i dont think they can get sick and they can stay home from school

What is the name of a person who looks after a sick at home?

A caretaker or hospice worker takes care of the sick at home.

What is the difference between homesick and home sick?

Homesick is when you badly miss home when you away. Home sick is when you take the day off to stay at home when you are not feeling well.

Can home canned tomatoes make you sick?

Home canned tomatoes cannot make you sick if you do it properly. I do it all the time.

What is home nurse?

A nurse who treats sick people at home.

What to do at home if your sick?

Endeavour to get well

How can i use sick in a sentence?

You can say "I am sick of the recession" or "Jaime had to stay home from school today because she was sick with the flu."

Bored when your sick?

yes, you get bored when you're sick because you're stuck at home

What actors and actresses appeared in Home Sick Home - 2012?

The cast of Home Sick Home - 2012 includes: Solenne Catro as Claire Henri Lunelli as Tom Tiffany Tourn as Lili

Can mold in your home make you sick?


How do you treat my sick dog from home?

you love on it :)

Why do they make you were hats in winter at school?

I think its because they think that you can get sick and if you get sick you need to stay home. NO SCHOOL FOR YOU IF YOU GET SICK. Hope that helped! :)

How do you know when a dog is home sick?

If it is hanging on to something from home even his bed

Where do sick people stay to keep germs from spreading?

some sick people stay at home or in the hospital

What is the best way to stay home from school?

get sick!

Why did heather stott return from Australia?

home sick

What are the release dates for Greetings from Home - 2012 Sick 1-5?

Greetings from Home - 2012 Sick 1-5 was released on: USA: 2012

What are the release dates for Swords - 2009 Home Sick 1-5?

Swords - 2009 Home Sick 1-5 was released on: USA: September 2009

Where did the Joe and Kevin Jonas learn their musical abilities if they never planed to be music artists?

Well, i know that Kevin was home sick from school. And he grabbed his dads Guitar and a guitar lesson book. And tought him self how to play guitar! Joe, started singing when he was 13. =] How is that even possible to be home sick from school if they where home schooled??? Is it possible to stay at home sick if ur home schooled?????

Should i stay home?

Most of the time you should only stay home if you're sick.

What to do when school starts soon and you're feeling sick?

Keep being sick so you can stay home the first day.

How do you safely euthanize a sick mouse at home?

rock it in the grill