How often do 1km or larger asteroids hit earth?


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Fortunately not very often - because if one does hit, it would be a major catastrophe.

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1km = 1,000m which is larger than 334m

Who knows. There will be trillions and trillions of them.Our asteroid belt contains about 2 million objects larger than 1km with millions more smaller ones.

There have been about 300 identified Earth-crossing asteroids. The total number of asteroids that cross the Earth's orbit is estimated to be significantly greater than this; by one estimate, there are perhaps 1500 asteroids that are greater than 1km across, and 135,000 steroids that are greater than 100m across.

1km = 1000m, so 1km is more in this case

No 1km is not larger. Mile is a bigger unit.

A meteorite with a 1km diameter will undoubtedly cause global damage. It is believed that a meterite a bit larger was responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs. Rocks this big only appears to hit Earth once every 100 million years.

1 kilometer is 1,000 meters. That is much larger than 224 meters.

one mile is longer than one kilometer

roughly 1km, so not that high!

yes ,1km=100000cm 10km=1000000cm

Asteroids from 10m to 100m in diameter can cause national devastation (i.e. a country or state). Asteroids from 1km to 10km in diameter can cause global devastation (i.e. the world or several continents).

1km = 1000m520m/1km:= 520/1000 or 13/25 of 1km

A kilometer is larger than a metre. 1km = 1000m Therefore there are .001km in a metre

100000cm = 1km 50cm = 1km/1000000cm/1km 0.00005km = 50cm 50cm < 1km

1km = 1000m20m/1km:= 20m/1000m= 2/100 or 1/50

1km = 1000m ⇒ 700m out of 1km = 700/1000 = 7/10

If you mean 700cm then it is 7/10 of 1km

100cm=1m 1000m=1km so 100cm/1m x1000m/1km = 10,000cm/km or 1km = 10,000cm

1km = 1 000 000mm (one million)

1km = 0.621371mi 1km/h = 0.621371mi/h

1km = 1000m 1km*2340m/1000m = 2.34km.

1km = 1000m 4770m x 1km/1000m = 4.770km

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