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How often do doctors get paid?

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Most doctors are in private practice are "self employed", meaning that they provide service directly to customers. As a self employed businessman, the doctor technically gets paid every time he/she sees a customer/patient. Usually he/she has to wait until the insurance company sends a check, but that's just a technicality, since the money is on the books as soon as the customer/patient enters the examination room.

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How much would a nurse get paid a week?

depends how often she sucks the doctors sac...

How much do bone doctors get paid?

how much do bone doctors get paid

Do doctors get paid for overtime?

it depends on the doctors

How much family doctors are paid?

family doctors are paid at about 150-175k a year

How much money do doctors get paid every week?

doctors get paid about 19,500 thousand

Who gets paid more doctors or veterinarians?


How much do doctors get paid by the hour?

I know that some doctors get paid at least $500,000 a year, which is about $240 an hour.

What are highly paid doctors?

they are doctors that get paid more money than eny other doctor this is called a promotion.

Do doctors get paid weekly?

yes they do,the get paid weekly and(or) monthly.

Do residential doctors get paid?


How are doctors paid in Taiwan?

with nt

How much do English doctors get paid a week?

English doctors get paid roughly £350 per week, I should know i am a doctor.

Alternative medicine practioners should not get paid as much as regular doctors.?

Alternative medicine practioners should not get paid as much as regular doctors.

How are doctors paid?

doctors are paid through the NHS in the uk. we pay for the NHS through our taxes. some doctors take on private patients to supplement their income. I dont know what the pay system is for doctors in the usa. hope this helps!!

How many do doctors get paid in a day?

i think thay get paid 300.00 a day

Why do doctors get paid less than athletes?

Athletes have sponsers that pay their wages Doctors do not.

How much do doctors get paid a month?

It depends, there are a lot of careers as doctors in the medical field.

How much to doctors get paid in England?


Doctors get paid per year?


Highest paid job in the UK?


How much do doctors get paid Worldwide?

a lot

What country are doctors paid most?

The US!

How much does a doctor get paid per week?

Doctors get paid about 9 cents a second....

How much do doctors get paid in south Africa?

not a lot.

How much does doctors get paid?

$100,000 in the game of life