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Q: How often does Old Faithful shoot out water?
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How high does old faithful shoot water?

Old Faithful shoots from 106 feet to 180 feet.

How much water does old faithful shoot out?

Old faithful shoots about 3,700 gallons of water for a short eruption and 8,400 for a longer one (4 and a half minutes)

How does old faithful work?

old faithful works by pressure build up and over heated water so the water shoots out like old faithful does.

What feature is the Yellowstone hotspot related to?

"old Faithful" - a geyser (water shoots out of the ground periodically) "old Faithful" - a geyser (water shoots out of the ground periodically)

Why is Old Faithful important?

because it is a geyser that does not erupt often

How often does Old Faithful Geyser erupt?

The most famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park is Old Faithful which erupts every 76 minutes.

How hot is the water in old faithful?

204 degrees

How hot does Old Faithful's water get at Yellowstone Park?

It gets up to 204 degrees in the vent of Old Faithful and the steam temperature can get above 350 degrees

Old faithful is the nickname for what state?

There isn't a state nicknamed "Old Faithful." In the state of Wyoming exists a geyser that is nicknamed "Old Faithful" for it erupts with thousands of gallons of hot water in intervals between 45 to 125 minutes. It was so named "Old Faithful" by an 1870 Washburn--Langford--Doane Expedition for it erupted almost every hour.

What is the famous geyser that shoots a jet of water?

Old Faithful in Yellowstone

How did the old faithful geyser get made?

It got made by old Mayans mining into rock and digging to water

What is Old Faithful?

Old Faithful is a geyser, a spring that from time to time shoots a column of boiling water in the air. It is the most famous of the 500 geysers in Yellowstone Park, which is in the US. It "performs" 20 to 23 times a day, and each eruption lasts about five minutes. Old Faithful shoots up to 8,400 gallons of water as high as 170 feet. The Yellowstone geysers sit on top of a volcano, which heats underground water to a boiling point.Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park, is a cone geyser. Located in Wyoming, this geyser was 1st named in 1870.

Is old faithful a volcano?

No, old faithful is a geyser.

How often does Old Faithful blow?

Old FaithfulAccording to scientists the AVERAGE interval between Old Faithful's eruptions is 90 minutes. The range between eruptions is from 35 minutes to 2 hours. An eruption can last from 1.5 to 5 minutes and can spray as high as 90 to 184 feet. (Check out the link below.)

Is the geyser 'Old Faithful' dangerous?

Yes, Old Faithful can be dangerous. The VERY hot water that comes out of the geyser, and can possibly burn you alive. The workers there keep everyone a safe distance away from the geyser.

What temperature is the water from Old Faithful?

I don't know the exact temperature but it's hot

What type of volcano is Old Faithful?

Old Faithful is a geyser, not a volcano.

What is the duration of Old Faithful?

The duration of Old Faithful is 300.0 seconds.

How often does the geyser old faithful gush?

It is not that regular. 90 minutes between eruption is just a rough estimate. Often it is 15 minutes early or late.

What formed Old Faithful?

Old Faithful and other geysers are formed when fractures in deep rocks allow ground water to percolate into rock that is still being heated by magma, or has not yet cooled. The water boils until the steam pressure is high enough to force a column of boiling water back up to the surface.

What is the term for a feature such as Old Faithful that ejects steam and hot water from a holw in the ground?

A geyser.

Can you drink the water from old faithful geyser?

Yes (after it has cooled) but it would not tase very good.

What state is Old Faithful in?

Old Faithful is in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

Old faithful is a?

Old Faithful is a Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. USA.

What country or state is Old Faithful in?

The Old Faithful geyser is in Wyoming, in the US.