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Whenever Chuck Norris says so.

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What part of Alaska does it rain the most?

Southeast of Alaska, "the RAIN" capital of Alaska is Ketchikan

Does it rain more in Hawaii or Alaska?

in Alaska

What monthes does it rain in Alaska?

Depends on where you live in Alaska.

Does it rain in Alaska?


Would you find a rain forest in Alaska?

Yes, there is rainforest in Alaska.

Does Hawaii or Alaska have more rain?


Does Alaska or Hawaii have more rain?


Does it rain more in Alaska or Hawaii?


Which state has more rain Hawaii or Alaska?


Who gets more rain Alaska or Hawaii?


Do Alaska has more snow than rain?


Does it rain a lot in anchorage Alaska?

Ask your mother

How many inches rainfall does Alaska get in a year?

Alaska gets roughly 152 inches of rain in a year.

Does it rain on Venus's and how often?

It does not rain on venus.

How much rain does Anchorage Alaska get per year?


What is the average annual rainfall in the state of Alaska?

there is no rain. its snow

How often does it rain in Belgium?

not often but it could rain a lot that answer sucks big ones

How often does it rain in Sudan?

it will never rain in sudan

Does it rain or snow in Aruba?

no it does not snow and does not rain often

How can you have a rainforest in Alaska?

All that is required is the presence of a forest and adequate rain.

How often does it rain in a rainforest?

well considering the name it the RAIN Forrest i would imagine that it would rain quite often there... just a thought

How often does it rain in Puerto Rico?

Well, since puerto rico often has droughts, i would say that it doesn't rain often.

Does it rain in the Sahara desert how often a year?

it does rain there and i dont no how often but i do no that they only get around 7-8 inches of rain fall per year so it couldn't rain that often but if it does it rains for really short periods of time

How often does it rain in Bermuda?

it rain all most everyday

Does it rain often in Greece?

Yes but not very often