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A patient is intubated for surgery if they are going under general anesthesia. According to this website: "General anesthesia is used for more extensive procedures or for procedures that aren't amenable to regional anesthesia. The medications used in general anesthesia are given intravenously or by inhalation. The drugs circulate in your bloodstream to all areas of your body, including your brain. They can suppress all of your protective reflexes, such as coughing, gagging and even breathing. Consequently, a general anesthetic requires the use of a mask or breathing tube while you're asleep. Because general anesthetics affect all areas of your body, such as the heart and lungs, side effects from the medications are more common. However, most are temporary and can be managed by your medical team."

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What procedure is often performed with a laminectomy?

When a laminectomy (removal of a lamina) is performed, an arthrodesis (surgical of joints) is also performed.

What is the purpose of intubation?

Therapeutic interventions for respiratory system involve removal (ectomy), repair (plasty) a new opening (stormy) a surgical puncture to remove fluid (centesis) or intubation

What is a surgical procedure performed on the pharynx?

Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure performed on the pharynx.

Where are fracture repairs performed?

the procedure is often performed in a hospital, but can also be successfully done in an outpatient surgical facility, doctor's office, or emergency room.

What surgical procedures are performed in the prone position?


Why did one testicle not drop?

Inguinal Orchidopexy or undecended testical.In newborns it is often left for a year or longer before surgical repair is considered.The surgical procedure can be done at anytime from one year through adulthood and can now be performed laparoscopically.

How does massage therapy work during a surgical procedure?

There is no massage therapy work that is performed during a surgical procedure.

Can a failed root canal be fixed once there is a post?

Often a surgical procedure (apicoectomy) can be performed, which removes the infected area. The procedure can weaken the remainder of the tooth.

A colostomy is a surgical procedure performed on this structure?

A colostomy is a surgical procedure performed on the large bowel, an opening is made in the bowel which is sutured to the skin in the abdominal wall and colostomy ba

What disorder is often treated by the surgical removal of the gallbladder?

Cholecystitis which means an inflamed gallbladder is often treated by surgical removal of the gallbladder called cholecystectomy.

Where surgical operations are performed in a hospital?

hospital in surgery room

How is shoulder surgery performed?

Shoulder surgery can be performed in two fundamentally different ways: either using closed surgical techniques (arthroscopic surgery ) or using open surgical techniques.

How many surgical procedures were performed in hospitals in 2000?

40 million inpatient surgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2000, followed closely by 31.5 million outpatient surgeries.

Performs operations on sick people?

It is a surgical operation performed by a surgeon.

Can intubation be processed during CPR?

No it can not.

How do you speed up healing of surgical wound?

Ice it as often as you can.

How is a tubal ligation diagnosed?

A tubal ligation isn't's performed.. It's a surgical procedure performed by a Gynaecologist.

What is surgical valvulotomy?

This is open heart surgery performed with a heart-lung machine

FESS is a surgical procedure that is performed to?

enlarge the opening between the nose and sinus.

What is the purpose of cholecystectomy?

A cholecystectomy is a surgical procedure performed to treat cholelithiasis and cholecystitis.

What is the most common surgical operation performed in the United States?

The most common surgical operation performed in the United States is an appendectomy, removal of the appendix. Another very common surgery is a c-section, for pregnant women.

How is syringomyelia treated?

Treatment, usually surgery, is aimed at stopping the progression of spinal cord damage and maximizing functioning. Surgical procedures are often performed if there is an identifiable mass compressing the spinal cord.

What type of anesthesia would be most appropriate for a surgical procedure performed on a very small area of the body?

Local anesthesia would be most appropriate for a surgical procedure performed on a very small area of the body, as in dental procedures.

What surgical procedure can be performed to treat sleep apnea?

a tracheostomy can be performed...but theres many more procedures that can help sleep apnea!

What is Breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a series of surgical procedures performed to recreate a breast

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