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How often should you change the brakes on a 1997 ford escort lx?

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Every 12 months.

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How and when should I replace my brakes?

There is no magic number as to how often you should change your brakes. Brakes will wear down differently depending on the make of the brake and they will start squeaking so you know that you need to change it.

How often should you get your brakes checked?

At each oil change or once a year.

How often do you change brakes on a kia mini van?

How often brakes should be changed depends on the type of brakes in the vehicle and the use of the bakes in the vehicle. However, the general rule is every 10,000 miles.

How often should you change transmission fluid on a 1999 ford escort wagon?

Change the fluid and filter every 36,000 miles.

How often do you change a timing belt on a ford escort?

it should be checked every 3rd oil change 5-10000 km

Peugeot 306 how often should you change disc brakes?

You should inspect the pads and rotors at least twicw a year and change pads if they are worn down to 2mm.

How often should you change the front disc brakes?

When they are wore out. Usually when the friction material is thinner than the metal backing plate.

How often should you change your brakes?

It depends on the type of driving. If it's heavy "stop and go", you should probably have the brakes checked every 10,000 miles; on the other hand if it's mostly freeway you can go 50,000 or more.

How often should you check your brakes?

You should check your brakes at least one time each year. You should also check them whenever you have your tires rotated.

How often should a belt change on a escort diesel 1.8 lx year 1997 be done?

there is not a set date to which it should be replaced, but if you flip it over it should not be cracked or frayed. if it is its time to get a new belt.

How often should you change the brakes?

It would depend on the driver's habits and the vehicle. I would recommend they be inspected by a mechanic every 10K or once a year.

How often should I get my brakes replaced?

Although there is no set on how often your brakes should be replaced, I would just pay attention to your car. When you notice something wrong, I would call your auto body shop.

How often should you change the fuel filter?

How often should you change the fuel filter?

How often should drum brakes be replaced?

It depends. High quality brakes can last a very long time if you drive your car properly and do not rabbit drive. If they are squeaking, you should have them checked out.

What are signs that you should service your brakes?

Often the first sign that the brakes need to be checked is when the check brakes light comes on. Another indication is the car taking too long to slow down. Brake failure is often accompanied by a high-pitched squeal, as well.

How often should the brakes be replaced on a 2006 Dodge Durango?

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How often should brakes be replaced?

that depends on how often you drive. best way to determine if brakes need changing, is to look at brake fluid resevoir. if level is low, your linings are worn and either need replacing or renewing

How often to change oil in 2004 dodge stratus?

You should change your oil every 3,000 miles. If you drive your car rough, then you should change it more often.

How often should you change rear brake pads?

You should change every two to three years depending on how often you use the vehicle.

How often should you change aquarium water?

You should do a 25% water change every month.

How often should you replace the water pump on a boat?

How often should you change water pump in a boat

How do you change brakes on a 1984 Chevy Celebrity?

I would suggest you get a service manual such as the factory service manual, a Chilton or other manual. Therein you will find instructions as well as diagrams that will help you change your brakes. If you don't have a manual they are often available at your local library.

How often should one get their brakes repaired?

People say different dates. Most would say every 4 to 5 months. This keeps your brakes up to date and makes sure that you never loss your brakes while driving.

How often should the cam belt be changed on 1998 Ford Escort 1800 16v petrol model?

Every 100,000 Kilometers.

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