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How often should you get your period?

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Every female is different, thus every period is different. 28 days is the average but it could range from 21 days to 40 some. you can always expect your period 14 days after you ovulate. you may not receive your period every month since exercise, weight, and age may also affect it. Most women get their period for about one week out of every month. you should get you period every 28 days.

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Everyone is different but the average menstrual cycle is 28 days or around a month long. You should keep track of your cycles to determine how long your average cycle is, anything up to a weeks variation from this average cycle length is normal. You can use period tracking apps to help you keep track of your cycles now, either on your phone or online.

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How often should you get a period?

You should get your period once a month for 4 to 6 days.

What should you do if you want to get pregnant?

Have sex during your fertile period often.

How often should you have a period?

Every 27 days is the average, but for some it can be 31 days

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How often should my baby move at 30 weeks pregnant?

You should feel at least 10 movements in a six hour period. If you feel no movement for a long period of time, call your doctor.

How often should someone have there period?

between every 28-32 days is a regular cycle. S

How often should you change a period pad?

at least every 4 to 8 hours depends on the flow.

How often should you retwist your dreadlocks?

I retwist them every three weeks.You never need to retwist them... period

How can you make your period come more often?

You cannot make your period come more often. If it did that would be abnormal and you would probably want to seek medical attention. I would think one week out of the month should be enough.

How often should you visit a sauna?

One 20 minute period, every week, is enough for the average person.

How often do you bleed when your on your period?

When you are on your period you will bleed 24/7.

How soon after your last period should you get another period?

You should get your next period , about a month from when you got your last period.

How often should your period change?

about every month and can only go on for the most 7 days or maybr a little less

How often should you get your period at 13 years old?

As your only 13, your body hasn't fully grown yet! your period will change days or sometimes be the same! you might not have a period for 2 months and then it comes suddenly! it might be longer than usal, but i wouldn't worry at all. But you should have a period every month, but dont worry if you dont.

48 no period and not pregnant and not menopause?

If you are active your period will not acur as often.

Should you wait to have a catheterization after you get your period?

No. You should not wait to have a catheterizing after you get your period.

Should your period be hurting you Its not?

I meant Should my period hurt me cuz its not

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How often do you have a period?

28 days

How are period and frequency related?

period is how long and frequency is how often 1/period = frequency (and vice versa)

Is having your period during pregnancy normal?

No. During pregnancy your body should have stopped producing the hormones that make your period start Having a period after conception may mean a spontaneous abortion (something that happens naturally and often) most often due to an error in the replication of chromosomes, but it may also be due to environmental factors.

Should you continue HCG if you get your period?

should I continue on the HCG diet if i get my period?

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There should be a period after Inc.

How often should a human shower?

It depends how often you change your clothes, or (if you're a girl) you're on your period, (if so, probably every day) but i suggest at least once every couple of days.

Can a tampon get you pregnant and if so how?

No. The only use of a tampon is for your period. It replaces a napkin, and a tampon needs to be replaced often to prevent bacteria growing on it and killing you. These are not toys and should not be used or worn unless on your period.