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How do I replace a turbo in 2003 vw passat

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Q: How often should you replace the turbo on your 2003 vw passat 1.8T?
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What is the fuel pressure of a 2000 passat 1.8l turbo?

On a 2000 Passat 1.8L turbo, the fuel pressure should be around 50 psi at idle with the manifold vacuum connected to FPR. When disconnected, the psi should be 58.

How do you change spark plug on a 2000 2.8 30v turbo passat?

there is no 2.8 30v turbo passat. Theres a 1.8 Turbo engine and the 2.8 30V v6.

Should you use an after-market turbo to replace your worn out factory turbo on your 1998 1.8L Passat and if so can you suggest a brand and tips for finding an installer?

98? how many miles? and how do you know it is worn out? also to answer your question. "when something breaks, UPGRADE!"

How do you replace the oil pan gasket for a 01VW passat 1.8t?

To replace the oil pan gasket on a 2001 Volkswagen Passat turbo the exhaust downpipe must be removed. The oil needs to be drained and all the pan bolts need to be removed as well. When replacing the gasket a sealer should be used to ensure a proper seal.

Does a 2006 Passat manual come with turbo?


Where can you find an online diagram for a 01 passat 1.8 turbo?

on eBay

Where is cigarette lighter fuse on 05 passat 1.8 turbo?

The cigarette lighter fuse on a 05 Passat 1.8 turbo is located in the fuse box under the dash. It is located in the number 35 spot.

Why does your turbo smoke?

Your bearings are dieing, the turbo is done and you should replace it because a smoking turbo can ruin your engine because some parts of the turbo can be blow'd into the cylinders and your engine is toasted.

How fast is a 2001 passat turbo?

Fast, or quick? How high are your insurance rates?

At how many rpm's does a vw passat 1.8t turbo turn on?

2000 rmp

What is the spark plug gap for 2000 VW Passat Turbo 20V?


How do you replace the oil trap on a Volvo S80 Non-turbo?

To replace the oil trap on your Volvo, please consult your owners manual. There should be a guide in there to help you with this repair.

How should you go about putting a turbo in your 86 jetta gl?

Replace the exaust manifold with Turbo charger and dont forget to install the oil line to the turbo otherwise u will ruin the turbo as of dryness.

Car is skipping at a low rpm check engin is on vw passat turbo?

coil pack

How do you make a passat go faster?

Push on the accelerator. Turbo charge the engine for more power.

Can you put a Turbo in a 1995 VW Passat VR6 GLX?

Yes you can. They can handle a super charger as well.

Where is carbon canister in passat 2003 1.8 turbo?

In the under body portion of the spare wheel well.

Why does 2001 turbo 4-cyl Passat not accelerate immediately from a stop when lightly pressing on gas pedal?

Its called turbo lag it will happen with any stock turbo and not so much but a little bit on aftermarket.

How do you unseize the turbo on a 90 eagle talon?

rebuild it or replace it. there are no tricks to unseize a turbo

How do you install a after market turbo kit on a existing stock turbo eclipse?

if your eclipse is the gts( turboed model) then have the work is already done for you. in a after market turbo kit it should come with everything that your turbo kit already has just newer and better performance, but if the turbo kit is for your car its cake, replace the turbo with the new one, change out the oil feed, and oil return lines, remove all the rubber piping and replace with the new turbo pipeing. might have to remove your front bumper to install the new intercooler

Mass air flow meter passat 1.8t part number?

Where is the mass ait flow meter on a 20v turbo.

What is the firing order for a 1999 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 liter 20 valve turbo?


Can a 400 turbo replace a 4l60e?

NO.. It will not work.

How to fix a turbo charger for an 1988 Toyota Supra that is not working?

buy a new turbo and replace it

How do you change a turbo on navara?

Remove the oil line from the Turbo. Remove the temperature sensor from the Turbo. Remove the Turbo retaining nuts. Replace the old Turbo gasket with a new gasket. Reverse the process to install the new Turbo.