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How often to shock your pool depends on what the water temperature is and I am assuming you are using chlorine tablets as a sanitizer. If you are using a salt generator you really do not need to shock unless you are starting up for the season or you are having a water quality issue. So here are the parameters for shocking your pool. If your water temperatures are below 50� Fahrenheit you should shock the pool once every 4 weeks. If your water temperatures are 50-69� you should shock the pool every 2 weeks. If your water temperatures are 70� you should shock your pool every week. Shock your pool if you have had a heavy rainstorm where you have to drain water out of the pool. A storm like this will drop algae, food for algae and other contaminates into the pool water. Sock your pool if you have an algae or water clarity problem.

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Q: How often should you shock your pool?
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How often should you shock a swimming pool?

At least weekly.

How often should you shock your pool under normal conditions?

You don't have to shock your pool at all if everything is working all right.

How often should you shock an indoor pool?

The length of time between pool shocks varies. It depends on factors such as how often the pool is used, how many people use the pool and other factors. It is best to have a test kit to check the chlorine level and the pH balance to decide how often to add chlorine or to shock the pool.

What do you shock a pool with?

Go to your local pool/spa store and they should have Alkaline shock

Do you shock your pool right after you fill it for the first time?

A person should shock their pool right after they fill it up for the first time. This will cut down on bacteria growth that often occurs in un-chlorinated pool water.

How often should you shock your swimming pool if you are using bromine tablets?

Every time it gets nasty.

How often shock pool?

At least once per week.

How often do you shock a pool?

You should shock most pools between one and two times per year. This helps restore the pH levels and overall water clarity.

How often should you resurface a gunite pool?

How often should you resurface a gunite pool?

Should you shock your pool every time a duck uses it for a bathroom?

I try and shock my pool every other day, or, if it rains, shock it at night after it rains (never during rain).

How much chlorine do you use in a 6000 gal pool to shock it?

better to get a bag of shock rather then guess and do it yourself local pool supply should have it

What time of day do you add shock treatment to the pool?

what time of the day should i sock my pool

Can you add shock to a pool right after putting in clarifyer?

Yes you can add shock solution to your swimming pool after or at the same time as a clarifyer. You should not swim in your pool for at 4 hours after shocking it.

How much bleach to shock pool?

The amount of bleach needed to shock a pool depends on the size of the pool. It is best to use a pool bleach that is specifically formulated for that purpose. The directions on the bottle should be followed for safety.

Should you shock pool water when pH reaches correct level?


Do you shock a pool or backwash pool first?

Backwash first then shock. If you shock and then backwash you will be throwing away the shock you just put.

What does Shock do for a pool and how often do you use it?

Shock is a very active chlorine that is designed to quickly attack and kill microscopic organic growth (algae). When my pool starts to become slightly cloudy and is no longer crystal clear, I know that algae is just starting to grow. When this happens, I know it's time to shock the pool. Algae grows faster in warm water. When my pool temp is 90 degrees I know it will need shock every 7 - 10 days. In the Spring and Fall when the water temp is 65 to 70 I can get by monthly. How often you shock depends on many factors. When I look at my bag, it says to shock once a week and it may have to be done more if there is rain or a lot of swimmers because of bacteria growth. You should test your pool water about 3 times a week and shock as needed.

Will shocking the pool kill mosquitos?

The amount of chlorine normally used to shock a pool should kill and larvae and other living things in the pool.

How do you get soap out of your pool?

To get soap out of your pool, shock it.

What are the instructions to shock a pool?

3800 gals of pool water shock it with 1 gal bleach

How much lithium shock should be used to clean up pool?

five pounds

How often should you vacuum your indoor pool?

Only as often as needed to remove debris from the bottom. Not very often in an indoor pool.

How do you remove algae from pools?

You need to keep the chemical balance of the pool. Make sure you test regularly. You should keep your cyanuric acid levels to the optimum level of 30-80ppm. You may need to shock the pool with algaecide.

What does shock do to pool water?

Swimming Pool Shock should be added to your swimming pool at least once each week, to keep pool water safe and clean. You should shock more frequently if the pool is used heavily, after you receive large amounts of rain, or during extended periods of hot, sunny weather. Shocking, or "super chlorinating", drastically raises the chlorine level for a short time. The chlorine level becomes so high that bacteria or anything organic in the pool water is completely destroyed. This is one of several very important steps in pool maintenance with which every swimming pool owner should be familiar.

Is pool shock the same as chlorine?

There is chlorine shock and non chlorine shock. Fo chlorine shock, which is the normal shock, it is the same a s Chlorine but unstabilized, so it will not last in the pool very long.

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