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James and Lukas Rodriguez are twin actors born in early 2001, known for their joint role as the youngest brother, Jamie, on Malcolm in the Middle (seasons 5 and 6, 2004-2006).

*There are older soccer players with the names James and Lucas:
James David Rodríguez of Colombia, born July 12, 1991
Lucas Rodríguez of Argentina, born February 8, 1986
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How old is Paul Rodriguez?

Paul Rodriguez (actor and comedian) is 62 years old (birthdate:January 19, 1955). Paul Rodriguez III (skateboarder) is 33 years old (birthdate:December 31, 1984).

How old is James Avery?

US actor James LaRue Avery was 68 years old when he died onDecember 31, 2013. (born November 27, 1945). He was known for therole of "Uncle Phil" Banks on The Fresh Prince of Belair. * a different source gives his birth year as 1948 Christian-themed jeweler James Avery was 96 years old when he diedo ( Full Answer )

What is lukas reaction?

Lucas' reagent is a solution of anhydrous zinc chloride inconcentrated hydrochloric acid used to classify low molecularweights of alchohols. In 1930, this test became the standard methodin qualitative organic chemistry.

How old is James in James and the Giant Peach?

Now, in the book, James starts off being four, but is seven during the main part of the story. The movie is a little harder; in the beginning, there are six birthday candles on James' cake. However, we don't know how long he was living with his aunts for. I read somewhere that he was supposed to be ( Full Answer )

What does luka mean?

Luka is a hot bot who goes to my school he has an older brother 2 he is even hotter! Or Luka is a Vocaloid. She is the pink one!

Who is lukas parsons?

Lucas Parsons is a famous golfer who won many awards playing golf.. For more information visit the link.

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How old is Alex Rodriguez daughter?

Alex Rodriguez has two daughters. His eldest daughter, Natasha, is four and was born on 18 November 2004, and his youngest, Ella, is one, and was born on April 21 2008.

How old is the drummer Alex Rodriguez from the band Saosin?

He's either 30 or 31, possibly even 32, I believe. I could be wrong, but in the Alternative Press magazine they were featured in, they said he was 29, and that was in May of 07. So it all depends on his birthday month.

How old was Alex Rodriguez when he hit his 300th home run?

Rodriguez was 28 years old when he hit his 300th homer, becoming the youngest ever. However, A-Rod tested positive for steroids in the same year, meaning his career achievements are subject to interpretation by the baseball community.

Who is luka peros?

Luka Peroš Field of work: Actor Country: Croatia Filmography: Actor: . In Production - Suma summarum (2010) ( post-production ) .... Mladen ... aka Forest Creatures (International: English title) . "Zakon!" .... Brat Teofil (1 episode, 2009) - Ekipa za ocenas (2009) TV ( Full Answer )

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Frank James was born on January 10, 1843 and died on February 18, 1915. This would have been 72 years old at the time of death or 167 years old today.

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How old is Bahja Rodriguez?

Bahja Rodriguez (Miss Beauty of OMG Girlz) is 21 years old (born August 2, 1996).

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Alberto Rodriguez Larreta was born on January 14, 1934 and died on March 11, 1977. Alberto Rodriguez Larreta would have been 43 years old at the time of death or 81 years old today.

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Pedro Rodriguez was born on January 18, 1940 and died on July 11, 1971. Pedro Rodriguez would have been 31 years old at the time of death or 70 years old today.

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US actor James Noble (of Benson ) was 94 years old when he died on March 28, 2016 (birthdate: March 5, 1922).

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James Moody was born on March 26, 1925 and died on December 9, 2010. James Moody would have been 85 years old at the time of death or 90 years old today.

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NBA player James A. Jones is 37 years old (birthdate: October 4, 1980). NFL receiver James D. Jones is 33 years old (born March 21, 1984). Yale basketball coach James F. Jones is 53 years old (born February 20, 1964). * Retired UK bishop James S. Jones was born August 18, 1948. * The well-known ( Full Answer )

How old is James Jordan?

James Jordan (UK dancer) is 39 years old (birthdate: April 13,1978). James Jordan (US actor) is 39 years old (birthdate March 14, 1979)

How old is Sonny James?

Country singer Sonny James was 87 years old when he died on February 22, 2016 (born James Loden , May 1, 1928). * another source gives his birth year as 1929

How old was Alex Rodriguez when he hit 300 home runs?

Rodriguez hit his 300th home run on April 2, 2003, when he was a member of the Texas Rangers. He hit a three-run shot off Ramon Ortiz of the Anaheim Angels in the fifth inning and became the youngest player to reach the 300 homer milestone. Rodriguez was 27 years, 249 days old when he accomplished t ( Full Answer )

How old is Mariel Rodriguez?

1984 - 2010 = 26 ..... the answer to this question is " Mariel Rodriguez is 26 years old "

How old is benny the jet Rodriguez?

Unfortunately, Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez was not and is not an actual person. It was just a prop for the 1993 movie "The Sandlot". For a very long time, I, myself thought Benjamin "Benny" "The Jet" Rodriguez was real. But, then I found out he wasn't real. But I still call myself Mrs. Benny "The Jet" ( Full Answer )

How old is Argelia Velez-Rodriguez?

if she is still alive (because I'm not sure) then she would be 74 years old...will someone plz tell me if she's still freaking alive!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

How old is luka?

if you mean Luka Megurine as in the vocaloid, her character is supposed to be 20 years old. However, her software was released on Jan. 30. 2009, so the software would be a little over 3 years.

How old is vocaloid luka?

Her vocal package was released on January 30th 2009. So nearly 2 years old. Her character is 20 years old.

Who is Lukas Tamutis?

Lukas Tamutis is an actor/director with alot of twitter accounts... hes just some kid with a pretty face that girls love...

Who is Luka Megurine?

She's not technically a person. She's a vocaloid, which is a voice synthesizing program which is used as a tool to make songs.

How old is Paul Lukas?

Paul Lukas was born on May 26, 1895 and died on August 15, 1971. Paul Lukas would have been 76 years old at the time of death or 120 years old today.

How old is Percy Rodriguez?

Percy Rodriguez was born on June 13, 1924 and died on September 6, 2007. Percy Rodriguez would have been 83 years old at the time of death or 91 years old today.

How old is Sue Rodriguez?

Sue Rodriguez was born on August 2, 1950 and died on February 12, 1994. Sue Rodriguez would have been 43 years old at the time of death or 64 years old today.

How old is lily and luka?

Luka was released on January 30, 2009, so thats her "birthday", although her character is supposed to be "20 years old". Lily was released on August 25, 2010, so thats her "birthday". Her character age is not specified. she looks about 16~25 ?

How old is Rico Rodriguez?

Rico Rodriguez is 18 years old (born July 31, 1998). *Ska musician Emmanuel "Rico" Rodriguez was 80 years old when he died on September 4, 2015 (born October 17, 1934).

How old is Lolo Rodriguez?

Lourdes "Lolo" Rodriguez (formerly of OMG Girlz ) is 18 yearsold (born September 16, 1998).

How old is reini Rodriguez?

There appears to be no celebrity named "Reini Rodriguez". However, the "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" actress Raini Rodriguez is 19 years old. She was born in July 1993.

How old is Evan Rodriguez?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Evan Rodriguez is 25 years old.

How do you you pronounce James Rodriguez?

One thing to be noted here is that his first name - James is not tobe pronounced in a typical English fashion. His name is pronouncedin a Colombian cum Spanish accent which sounds like "Hahm-esRod-ri-guess". As rest of the English speaking world has belearning to pronounce "James" as 'Ha-mez' Us His ( Full Answer )

Is James Rodriguez dating his teammates sister?

Yes, actually he's married to her. Off the pitch, James Rodriguezis married to Daniela Ospina, sister of David Ospina - presentColombian goalkeeper and team-mate of Rodriguez. James Rodriguezand Daniela Ospina have been married for three years and have a oneyear old daughter Salome.

How many fans do James rodriguez have?

He has loads. Ever since signing with the biggest club in the worldReal madrid and having a big transfer fee his fan rate is growingby the day! He is also having a decent season! So yeh, LOADS,MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS!