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28, 26, and 24.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-28 17:58:44
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Q: How old are girls aloud?
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How old is nadine from girls aloud?


What age is Sarah in girls aloud?

sarah in girl's aloud is 32 years old .

What band is Cheryl Cole in?

Girls Aloud There Are 5 Members INCLUDING Cheryl!Girls AloudGirls aloud

Nicola how old is she from girls aloud?

23. (Baby)

How old do you have to girls aloud in conert?

13 years

How old was Cheryl Cole when she got into Girls Aloud?

She was 19.

Will girls aloud do a DVD for the passions of girls aloud?


When girls aloud was on popworld who won?

Girls Aloud did :L

Who is more popular The Saturdays or Girls Aloud?

Girls aloud

When was Girls Aloud created?

Girls Aloud was created in 2002.

How many girls are in Girls Aloud?

thre wre 5 members in girls aloud

How do you say i like girls aloud because in french?

I like Girls aloud because - J'aime Girls aloud parce que

Is Cheryl Cole in Girls Aloud?

Yes she is a member of Girls Aloud.

Who sung the original version of the promise by girls aloud?

Girls Aloud

Who is better The Saturdays or Girls Aloud?

I think that girls aloud are better

Are Girls Aloud British?

Yes, all of Girls Aloud are British.

Why is Cheryl Cole leaving Girls Aloud?

She has not left Girls Aloud.

What band was Nadine Coyle in before Girls Aloud?

She's always been in Girls Aloud... I know she was in Girls Aloud. But she was in an Irish pop group before Girls Aloud. But can you please tell me which one?

Who is supporting girls aloud in 2009?

the support band for girls aloud were girls cant catch

Where can you read girls scream aloud?

How old is Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud?

She was born 15th June 1985 :).

How old are the girls aloud girls?

Nadines 25, Nicola 25, Cheryl 26 Sarah and Kimba are 27:)

When will girls aloud split up?

girls aloud will probably split up but I do not know when

How long is a girls aloud concert?

a girls aloud concert is about 4 and a half hours

How much do Girls Aloud make?

In total, Girls Aloud are worth £34 million.