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Cheryl Cole is a British pop artist who rose to fame as a member of the group Girls Aloud. In addition to being a pop singer, she has been a judge on British reality show The X Factor, and is a model for L'Oreal.

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Cheryl Cole
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How many records has Cheryl Cole sold in America?

It hasn't been released in America.

Cheryl Cole

Who wrote 'Parachute' by Cheryl Cole?

Parachute was written by Ingrid Michaelson and Marshall Altman.

Cheryl Cole

Can Cheryl Cole do the splits?

i think she is one of those people who can almost do the splits

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What are the keyboard notes for 'Fight For This Love' by Cheryl Cole?

Follow the related link below.

Cheryl Cole

What is the maiden name of Cheryl Cole?

Her maiden name is Tweedy.

Cheryl Cole

Where did cheryl cole get her check shirt?

She Got It From Jack Wills

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Cole and Dylan Sprouse
Cheryl Cole

What is Cole Sprouse's favorite color?

He is into the color blue and green

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Cheryl Cole

Does cheryl pepsii riley have any kids?

Yes Cheryl does have children.

6 in total. but only one out of the 6 is really hers she raised 4 of her brothers children :ANDREA,SHARETTA,JAMEL, AND TABITHA THEN SHE HELP RAISE HER HUSBAND SON MIKEY THEN SHE HAD A SON WITH HER HUSBAND JOHN :-)

Cheryl Cole

What is Cheryl Cole's daily routine?

This varies depending on what work/promotion she is doing.

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Cheryl Cole

What is Cheryl Cole's mother and fathers names?

Her mother is Joan Callaghan and her father is Gary Tweedy.

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Cheryl Cole

How old is Cheryl?

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, aka Cheryl and formerly Cheryl Cole is 34 years old (born Cheryl Tweedy, June 30, 1983).

Cheryl Cole

How can you get a signed autograph by cheryl cole?

All you have to do is go to the X Factor either be in the crowd or try to win and if you are one in the crowd rush up to Cheryl before it starts or when it finishes or if you're trying to win then when you're backstage look for here and ask for her autograph.

Cheryl Cole

Is Cheryl Cole of Indian descent?

No she isn't.

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How many children does dorinda clark-cole have?

She has 3 kids Brendon, Jay and Nikkia

Cheryl Cole

Why is cheryl cole on the song 'check it out'?

There are two version of 'check it out.'

One with Cheryl Cole, Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am

Then there's one without Cheryl.

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What is Cole and Dylan Sprouse's official fan mail address?

Well it’s not a fan mail address, but they live at 5616 Farralone Avenue, Woodland Hills, California

Cheryl Cole

Is Cheryl Cole married to Ashley Cole?

Cheryl later married and divorced Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

Cheryl Cole

Does Cheryl Cole have Skype?

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Cheryl Cole

Where did Cheryl Cole get married to Ashely Cole?

Wothham Park in Hertfordshire on wedding date of 15 July, 2006. <3

Cheryl Cole

Is Cheryl Cole well known in America?

Not yet but she is hoping to be successful there.

Cheryl Cole

How old is Cheryl Cole's older brother Gary?


Cheryl Cole

Does cheryl cole play doctor hamster on peppa pig?


Cheryl Cole

How many sisters or brothers does Cheryl Cole have?

She has 1 brother - Garry.

She also has 3 half-siblings - 2 brothers named Joseph and Andrew and 1 sister named Gillian.

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Does a person's foot size indicate anything?

No, its all in the genes.

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Did cheryl Lynn sing lead on funkin for Jamaica?

The vocals on trumpet player Tom Browne's song " Funkin' For Jamaica " are performed by singer Tonni Smith.

Tonni can be found on MySpace @


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