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How old are rey mysterio and sin cara?

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Rey Mysterio-37

Sin Cara-29

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yes sin cara and rey mysterio are friends

he is not because rey mysterio has tattoes and you can see sin cara has blonde hair rey mysterio doesn't have any

No because rey mysterio thinks sin cara is pretty cool and rey mysterio didn't know sin cara until he came to WWE but sin cara was in CMLL and rey mysterio used to be in WCW Sorry but SinCara and Rey have been friends for years.

No if you cant tell Rey mysterio has tattoos on his torso and sin cara has no tattoos. Also Rey mysterio when he enters it says from San Diego and Sin Cara is Mexico City

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio are both of Mexican descent, but are otherwise unrelated.

Rey Mysterio because he is a multiple time world champ and Sin Cara isn't.

Great question-REY MYSTERIO

No. Sin Cara (Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde) and Rey Mysterio (Oscar Guiterrez) are two different people.

no, not since Sin Cara has debuted

Sin Cara will wrestle after wrestlemania and will be Rey Mysterio worst enemy.

Well Rey Mysterio has more experience and won more titles whereas sin cara has never won a title yet has better high flying skills. Personally Sin Cara

rey mysterio Wrong Rey and Sin Cara are not related Sin Cara's brothers are Argos and Argenis

Rey, the only reason is because rey is more skilled.

yes i think so. i think they announced that they were going to have sin cara vs rey mysterio at wrestle 29. they were supposed to face at wrestle mania 28 but they were out with injurys

Well it seems like it right now

No, considering the fact that Mysterio is older than Sin Cara.

Sin Cara was finding it really hard to cope up with the WWE style of wrestling and was botching a lot of moves. The WWE management felt that pairing him with Rey Mysterio could help him. Pairing him with Mysterio gave Sin Cara someone to talk to and learn and the language barrier was no longer an issue between the two. This showed improvements in his in-ring work

Sin Cara is a Mexican professional wrestler currently working for WWE.Sin Cara translated in English means ''Faceless''.Sin Cara is currently in a tag team with Rey Mysterio Jr. and their team is called ''The Masked Marvels''.

No. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are not related to one another. They both hail from Mexico and are of latino descent. Hence, they both are shown as friends & partners in the WWE. Apart from their relationship inside the WWE, they do not have any relationships outside the WWE. On screen Mysterio was Sin Cara's mentor before both men got injured

because they are lucha libres. if their faces are revealed, they would be disgraced.

sin cara is much stronger because of his flexibility and movement but nevertheless reymysteio has talent more enthusiasm and sin cara gets the whole crowd and entertains the the wwe witch i like and other eople so Sin cara is the Best!

Yes, they are brothers. Rey Mysterio's real name is Oscar Gutierrez. Sin Cara's real name is Luis Urive. But they cousin brothers.

No Rey isn't his dad he has a wife a son and a daughter the son is like 14,15 and the girl is like 10,11

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