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Since it's 2011 you would be 14

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Q: How old are you now if you were born in 1997?
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If you are born on 1997 how old are you now in 2010?

you would be 13!:)

How old is rachel pattee?

she is 13 years old. born on April 16, 1997

How old is greyson chance right now?

14, He was born in 1997 on August 16

How old is Jacob prez?

Born in July 21 1997. Right now he is 15

How old is Aisha is.?

Aisha Johnson was born on January 28 1997 so she is now 13 years old.

If you were born in 1997 how old are you now?

You will be 19 on your birthday this year.

How old is mb boys?

pardigy is December 26 1996 14 years old turning 15 roc royal is July 23 1997 14 years old now Princeton is born April 21 1997 and is 14 years old now ray ray is January 6 1997 14 years old now

How old is Leo howard now?

Leo Howard is now 14.He was born on July 13, 1997.

How old is jacuelin thomas?

she was born in 1997 so she is now 10 on July 3 she will be 11

How old is prdigy right now?

Prodigy from the awesome boy band mindless behavior is 14years old he was born in 1997

How old was Nat Wolff when he formed the Naked Brothers Band?

This is year 2008 in November he is either 13 or 14 his name is NAT! NOT NATE WHAT THE HELL IS NATE?

How old are the mccaughey sextuplets now?

The McCaughey sextuplets were born November 19, 1997 and will be thirteen at their next birthday.