Puberty and Adolescence

How old are you when you get a period?


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Menstrual cycles begin at puberty. Women hit puberty at different times, just as men do. The average age for puberty is between 12 to 15 years old. Menstrual cycles usually begin somewhere within that range.

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You finish your period for ever when you are 50 years old.

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can you get you period when your 9 years old

It is not normal to get your period that early. If a 5 year old did start her period then it would be recommended that she see a doctor.

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you have to be eight to start your period and you have to eighteen to end

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Most young girls generally get their first period when they're 11+ years old.

Yes, it is completely normal for a 10 years old to have her period. The average age that a woman receives her first period is 13 years old, but anything between 10-16 years old is considered normal.

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NO. Only after her period during ovulation. It doesn't matter how old you are. A woman can get pregnant no matter the age. If she has a period and she ovulates then she can get pregnant.

No. It is impossible for the sperm to reach the egg if the girl has not had her period yet.

The average age of menarche (first period) is 13 years old. Anything between 10 years old and 16 years old is considered normal.

Usually between 12 and 13. But there are many woman that their period comes early (9 years old) or very old (18 or 19 years old)

The girl usually gets her period by the age of twelve or thirteen years.

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you start your period when you are 8-16 year old... BE PREPARED!!

If she is having her period then yes she can get pregnant.

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