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in most zoos in China they have found Gaint Pandas up to 50 years old!

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How old was the oldest giant panda?

The oldest giant panda is 30 years old

How old does a panda have to be to have babies?

2 years old

How old is a panda when it hits puberty?


How old is a baby panda when its born?

0 years old

How old can a panda die of old age?

20+ years.

How old is the eldest red panda?

18 years old

How old does a panda live for?

The life expectancy for a wild giant panda is around 25 years.. :)

How does a panda take care of its young?

Similarly to a human, the mother panda will nurse and nurture the cubs. A baby panda will nurse until it is about 18 months old, and it cannot stand until it is about four months old.

How old is a panda when it leaves its mother?

They are around 1 year old.

How old can pandas live to be?

The panda can live to be 35 years old

What is the average life span of the giant panda?

the giant panda can live up to 35 years old.

What age is the oldest panda?

fifty-years old

How old is crane in Kung Fu panda?


How old is Mantis from Kung Fu Panda?


How old is a giant panda in panda years if its thirty-seven years old in human years?

there is no such thing as 'panda years' so it is just 37maby it's a smaller number but I think it is 37 so stick with this for now

What age does a baby panda start to see?

When a baby panda is 1-2 months old it will start to open its eyes.

Has a panda ever attacked anyone?

Yes two years ago a 20 year old male (now 22) climbed into a panda cage after being warned not to, trying to get a hug from the panda, the panda bit his arms and legs.

How old does a female panda have to be before she can have babies?

They have to be at least five years old to have cubs.

How old can pandas grow?

20 to 30 years old depending on what shape that panda is in

What is the age of an adult panda bear?

35 years old

Where is panda beard in panfu?

Pirate Bar in Old Harbor.

How old was baby panda Ho when he died?

1 week

How old is Shen from Kung Fu Panda?

He died but he was about 44.

How old when the baby panda cub can find its own food?

8 to 9 months old

What is the average life expectancy of a panda bear?

A panda bear can get to be 90 years old I have read that in captivity they live to be 30 and it is unknown in the wild.

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