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My six baby hamsters (pups) are 16 days old today and this is the first day they started to open their eyes. One has eyes wide open, some just barely open, and one not open yet so it varies by hamster but typically 15-18 days old.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-23 14:45:48
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Q: How old do baby hamsters have to be before they open their eyes?
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What age can baby dwarf hamsters be touched?

When they open their eyes.

How long does it take for baby hamster to open its eyes?

The baby hamsters start to open their eyes when they are 14 days old

Are baby hamsters born with their eyes open?

No. They don't open their eyes until one or two weeks old.

When do baby hamsters gain their sight?

Baby hamsters gain their site/ visibility when they are a week old

Why does baby hamsters eyes open the one day and the next days its close?

As far as I'm concerned, baby hamsters should NOT do this!

Can you hold or touch baby hamsters before their eyes are open?

If you want it to have the chances of being eaten or abandoned, go ahead.

How long does it take until baby hamsters open there eyes?

About a 14 days

If my baby hamsters have started to open they eyes how old are they?

Seven to ten days old.

When baby hamsters open their eyes when can you separate them?

Start separating them at three weeks old.

Do hamsters hibernate with there eyes open?

No. Hamsters have their eyes shut during hibernation.

When can you start to really play with your baby hamsters?

You can start holding the babies when their eyes are open and they have all of their fur.

Is it good if baby hamsters walk at age of 2 weeks?

Baby hamsters will start walking at around 10 days old foraging for food, although at this time they are still blind and the eyes have not yet opened. The eyes open at 14 days old.

Are baby ferrets born with their eyes open?

No, ferrets are not born with their eyes open. Baby ferrets open their eyes when they are about 34 days old.

When do baby mice open their eyes and do you wean them before or after?

mice' eyes open at aprox. two weeks. they need to be able to nurse for at least a month before separated from their mothers.

Is it wrong if a hamsters eyes are not open but it is alive?

Yes, I think they don't open their eyes the first few days.

What if the baby hamsters eyes do not open?

if the babies are about two to three weeks of age and their eyes have NOT opened then you should call a vet NOT a pet store sorry but they can give false advice

How old are baby parrots before they open their eyes?

5 days old

When does a baby mouses eyes open?

The baby mouses eyes will open on Day 15 - exactly!

Can hamsters sleep with their eyes open?

yes all chinesse dwarf hamsters do but they are extremmly hard to find

When does a baby open its eyes?

A baby starts to open their eyes at the beginning of the third trimester, which is about 27 weeks.

How old is a baby mouse when its eyes open?

A baby mouses eyes open when they are about 2 weeks old

Are baby pigs born with there eyes open?

They are born with their eyes open.

How old are baby birds before they open their eyes?

They are usually 5 days old.

Why can't hamsters see when their born?

The same reason baby humans cant see. They're born with their eyes closed. They open in about 2 weeks

How old are baby rats before they open their eyes?

Baby rats open their eyes depending on their rate of growth, most open their eyes between 13-15 days some as early as 9 day some as late as 18 days,More commonly in my expirence the darker babies open their eyes sooner then the lighter colored babys