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How old do chickens live?

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How old can chickens live?

1 to 12 year old

Where do 'chickens' live?

where do chickens live?

Can a chickens can cross the road?

Yea we live on an old country road and my chickens cross it all the time

How old can chickens live up to?

10-12 probaly

How long is the lifespan of your chickens my chickens only live to about 11 years and a bit older how long do your chickens live for?

'My chickens only live to about 11 years'.Some of my hens didn't even live for around 4 years old! My first hen had to be put down because it had a broken leg and wing! :-( My eldest sister's died of an illness. And my little sister's died of old age.

How much do chickens live?

chickens live on farms

What do chickens live in?

chickens live in a coop usually on a farm.

What humidity do day old chickens need to live?

Day-old chicks do not need their humidity to be monitored.

How old do ducks have to be before they can live with chickens?

6 weeks old ducks have to be before the can defend by themselves

What are barn chickens?

Barn chickens are chickens that live in barns

Do buzzards eat live chickens?

yes they eat live chickens

Can you have live chickens in slidell LA?

can you have live chickens in slidell louisiana

Where is the place where chickens and roosters live?

the place where chickens and roosters live

How old will your pet chickens get to be?

Average about 8 years but they can live up to about 15 if you are lucky

Do chickens continue to lay eggs as long as they live?

In some breeds they stop when they get old. For my chickens when the weather changes dramatically they will stop laying for a while.

What is the price of chickens?

Chickens are about $4 each where I live

Where does chickens lives?

Chickens normally live on farms.

Where can you buy live chickens?

You can buy live chickens from a local farm or research on the Internet.

How old do chickens die?

Chickens die at the age of about 3 years old.

Can silky chickens live with other chickens?

no silky chickens can not live with other chickens because they fight with each other and most of the time one of them will die due to injures.

Where to chickens live on the farm?

Chickens live in a coop, which is like a small house for chickens with nest boxes for them to lay eggs in and perches for them to sleep on.

Do chickens live in the peidmont?

Chickens live almost everywhere. Chickens as a species are adaptable and can be raised anywhere and often where most other animals could not live. If you are referring to the American Piedmont stretching from New Jersey to Alabama then yes, chickens live in the Piedmont.

Do chickens live in trees?

No - chickens only roost in trees.

Can chickens live in Antarctica?

No, chickens can't live in Antarctica. It's too cold there for any animal to live on the continent.

How long do maran chickens live for?

Most chickens live 7-9 years. It really depends on what kind of strain the chickens come from (show quality, production quality), and how the chickens have been raised, and what type of conditions they live in.