How old do kids have to watch WWE?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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maybe and maybe not it all depends of what age your kid is if under 6 its bad if 6 and over than its good. I've been watching it in the hospital when i was born so don't be like me. make sure your kids are 6 and over ok thanks!

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Its rated TVPG. It depends on your parents. Some times its Rated TV14. The only thing about it is- Intense Violence Suggestive Dialouge Infrequent Language

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Q: How old do kids have to watch WWE?
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Why kids watch WWE?

because it,s good to watch

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How old you should be to go to see WWE superstars?

it depends on what you let your kids watch. because DX crotch chops alot. but i have seen kindergarden kids wear wwe t shirts. so it just depends. but i would probably say 6 or 7.

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Where to watch old WWE ppvs?

You should be able to find them on the WWE Network.

Why is WWE going PG?

I think it was when lita and edge were have sex they thought that was to far for little kids watch

Kids should be able to watch WWE?

Yes they should. I think if kids can be trusted not to copy the moves they see on tv it will be fine. Their parents should watch it with them. They can fast forward it at bad or scary parts.

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it depends how old the kids are! :)

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because the other kids are to young to watch it.. and the university kids are old enough to watch it.

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Don,t ask me you freaking retards!!

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i think its coz lots of kids under 13 watch it now its sucks