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Q: How old do lions have to be to be adults?
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When was Old Lions created?

Old Lions was created on 2006-04-15.

Does a lion have a mane?

All lions have manes when they're adults, except the females.

Do lions retire when they get old?

There is no retirement homes for old lions in the wild. When they get old enough to start to get weak, they die.

Do elephants have predators?


What do people kill sea lions with?

If they are babies, with clubs, it is very upsetting. Adults are shot.

Why are mountain lions so mean and grumpy?

Mountain lions are solitary, they mainly live alone. Adults pretty much only come together for mating, and mothers will shoo their cubs away as soon as they're old enough to survive on their own. They have no need to be sociable and likeable.

What eats the African elephant?

Nile crocodiles and prides of lions are dangers for calves. Adults have no predators.

What eats a leopord?

a lions or hyenas will attack the cubs but the adults will not be eaten by any animal naturally

How old are lions when they go out in the wild?

Lions go out into the wild when they are two weeks old not any younger or older.

How old is Pierre-Louis Lions?

Pierre-Louis Lions is 55 years old (birthdate: August 11, 1956).

Finish this pun old lions never die they?

The pun is "Old lions never die, they just lose their pride."

How old are the Detroit Lions?