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Q: How old do red ear slider turtles live?
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How much are red ear slider turtles?

My red ear slider cost $19.99 and he was 6 months old when I bought him from the local pet store.

How old is a 5 inch red ear slider?

About 11 months!(:

How old does a Red Ear Slider turtle need to be to know sex?

4-5 years old

How can you tell how old is a red ear slider?

no you cannot maybe if u go to a reptile vet

How old can turtles get?

sea turtles can live to be up to 200 yrs old

How old can sea turtles get?

Sea turtles can live as long as 60 years old.

How old would a 4 inch red ear slider be?

"Unfortunately, you can not tell the age of a turtle by it's size. Turtles grow depending on how big their environment is." Actually, no. A red eared slider does NOT grow to their environment. If you feed it, it will grow. If not it will, obviously not grow then die. But there is no way to tell how old a RES is unless you hatched it or know who hatched it. It does not matter how big it is. Some owners over feed or under feed their turtles so there is no way determining it by size either.

How old can a water turtle be?

Healthy water turtles can live as many as 40 to 60 years. Generally speaking though, Red Ear Sliders generally live to be around 20.

How old do turtles usually live up too?

Turtles live up to 200 or 300 years depend of what kind of turtles are they.

How old can a turtle live to be?

Most turtles can live to be about 150 years old!

What temperature do turtles have to live in?

I have 12 year old Red ear slider turtle. He is comfortable with temperature between 21C to 23 C. When he's sick, you can increase the temperature to 25 C. When he's comfortable with the temperature, he's more playful and very active. When it's too cold, he gets to be more passive.

Do sea turtles live to 150 years old?

They live to be about 180 years old!

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