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For optimum growth without your bucks breeding other does, castrate bucks at 10-12 weeks of age. Some castrate as early as 10 days, and others castrate later, but this is the best time to castrate goats.

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How old do you castrate a pig?

Most commercial opperations castrate within the first week of life

Why castrate a goat?

To turn it into a wether - so that the meat does not have a buck taint when you slaughter it and so that it can't get your does pregnant.

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What age do you castrate a horse?

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When do rubber band a baby boy goat?

You can castrate a buck kid when you feel both testicles in the scrotum usually at four weeks of age.

When would you castrate a cow?

You cannot castrate a cow because its female, you only castrate bulls.

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Can you castrate a rooster?

It is possible for a person to castrate a rooster. This keeps the rooster from reproducing with any hens.

When should you castrate mules?

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