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You can play with a pet but you can't be a pet, Intersting why!

You can only have one (1) pet on Pet Society, but you can have many petlings. Only one (1) petling be still maturing at a time though.

2 make a pet mouse quiet just ware then out. Play with it and then it will get 2 tired 2 squeek.

First of all you have to have a pet second of all you have to play with it

1) bring it to a pet shop and have it checked 2) give the food that the pet shop says and water 3) always play with him 4) have fun and bewere not to run away

just pet and play with your hamster

Pet rats usually live to be about 4 years old.

It happens when cats play with the catnip mouse.

Pet mice live to 1-2 years.

1.) Got to facebook.com2.) Make an account (if you dont have one)3.)Go to the Search area on facebook and type Pet Society4.)The very first search result will probably be the Pet Society one5.)Click View Application6.)Click Go to Application7.)Wait for game to load. Once it has do what the computer tells you to ;)

That depends on the pet. Some pets will live 2-3 years while others can live 30 years or longer.

You can't, you need the base game to play the expansion packs.

he has 2 dogs both pugs and there both 2 years old

You entertain a 3 yr old by color paintings 2 give him/her or a toy 2 play so he 3 yr old can play with it... You know what i meen.. ! :D

Sorry To Dissapoint You But There Is No Pet Shops In GTA San Andreas, Or Unless You Are Speaking About The PC Version, Then I Don't Know, I Have The One For Play Station 2, And On The Play Station 2 Version, There Are No Shops To Do With Pets, Sorry. x Sophie.

in the first book she is 2 in the second she is 3

go 2 pet pet park and fill in info

couple of months back 2-2 at villa park they play again and old trafford on 2 february.

There are 2 ways of getting a glacier pet. 1.Buy the potion 2.zap your pet

Usually pet rats live up to 2 years ! and street rats live 2 - 3 years !

I have found, that many times, pet stores will lie about the ages of hamsters. When I did not realize this, I bought multiple hamsters that I was told were only 2 months old, but were probably more like two years old. I am not sure if this is the case with your hamster or not. If you know that this hamster is, in fact, two months old, I am not sure what that means. Most pet stores have a return policy if the pet dies within a certain number of weeks after purchase.

lots of ways! you could play with them, they could play with another pet, if u go to the town square they'll play with pets there, other sims will play with them.