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A tubal ligation can be performed at most any age, but without parental consent, it could not be done until one attains the age of 18. How many kids one had before the tubal ligation has no consequence, nor matters.

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Q: How old do you have to be and how many kids do you have to have to have a tubal ligation?
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Can you get pregnant when you do a tubal ligation?

I am 50years old and had a tubal ligation 32years ago can i ever get pregnant again.

How old must you be to have tubal ligation in Indiana?


Can you still get pregnant with just a regular old tubal done?

There is a small risk of failure with all tubal ligation procedures.

Are there any laws for tubal ligation in NJ?

There are no laws or restrictions for a tubal ligation anywhere in the US. The patient must be old enough to consent to her own surgery. This varies by state, but usually age 18 or married.

Is it normal to be very bloated and look 4 months pregnant after a c section and tubal ligation?

I am 31 years old and a mother of four. I had a c-section and a tubal ligation after I had my 4th daughter. I feel very bloated on my stomach and look six months pregnant. I feel this has got to do with the tubal ligation that I've had. Anyone who can help me out or who has the same symptoms?

Can a 43 yr old woman who had full tubal ligation 21 years ago still having periods get pregnant?

It's very rare but it does happen. Tubal ligation has less than a 2% failure rate but the tubes have been know to grow back together over time. You are at higher risk for ectopic pregnancy which can be life threatening if not treated quickly after having tubal ligation. If you feel that you may be pregnant you should see a Dr as soon as possible. If you want to get pregnant after a tubal ligation you can look into reversal surgery and/or IVF treatments.

What would cause a 37 year old woman who had a tubal ligation to suddenly stop having a period?

Periods stop for many reasons. If it does not restart, I would see you gynecologist.

Can you get your tubes tied at the age of 20 and you have two kids in the state of Tennessee?

Tennessee is a hard state to get tubal ligation, hysterectomies, and IUD's. Depending on where you live and what dr you use ,many require that before you can get a tubal ligation you must have at least 3 living children or be 35 years old. You may also have to petition the church that the hospital is affiliated with. If they turn you down the Dr will not perform the surgery. Your best bet to to consult with several different Dr's or check out of state.

What are other requirements for a tubal ligation in Texas or Mississippi?

There are no set guidelines except, 18 years of age. Solely depends on your physical health/medical condition, and your doctor. Most doctors want 30 years old or 2-3 kids.

You are 35 years old and had your tubes tied 12 years ago you are 2 weeks late and experiencing pregnancy signs is this possible?

Tubal ligation is not 100% effective.

What are the rules for tubal ligation?

I'm 22 years old had three children in 4 years. My last birth was 5 months ago and during my pregnancy I begged my doctor to have tubal ligation. I convinced her and the procedure was done during my caesarean section. Very happy I had it done, I don't need anymore children and I'm very happy with my 3 babies!

Can you have your tubes tied at 20 if this is your third child?

Tubal ligation is an elective surgery, and a 20 year old woman is an adult. She doesn't need a special reason to choose to have the procedure.

Can i reverse tublication to get pregaant again?

Pregnant After Tubes Burned?Unlikely. A recent study (the Collaborative Review of Sterilization, or CREST, study) looked at 10,000 women who had undergone tubal ligation and found 143 failures (a failure rate of 1.4 percent). It can be higher when a tubal is done at the time of a C-section. The failure rate also tends to increase the longer it has been since one had a tubal ligation. The U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization (CREST) found the failure rate for tubal ligation (all occlusion methods) to be 1.85% after 10 years.Here are other answers and opinions from Wiki s contributors:Yes, anything is possible. I personally knew someone who concieved a healthy child after she was tied and burned.Yes, it is possible to get pregnant after having your tubes burned. I had my tubes tied in 2000. I had a modified Pomeroy procedure done (with cauterization). I now have a healthy, happy 5-month-old baby boy five years after having my tubal ligation! If you think you might be pregnant after a tubal ligation, see your doctor immediately. Women who conceive after having a tubal ligation have a greater chance of an ecoptic pregnancy, which can be a life treatening condition.Yes, you can get pregnant. My mother had her tubes tied and burned when I was born in 1983, I now have a happy, bubbly 5-year-old brother!It is not common, but still is very possible. Even after a vasectomy some women (that do not cheat) will still become pregnant. This is how doctors get sued.

Is it normal for a 41-year-old woman to not have had a period in almost 3 months even though she's had a tubal ligation?

Check into the possiblity of going through the change early ... certain drugs cause this.

How effective is tubal ligation?

== == ;: hi, i just curious,I'm 25 yrs old and 3 children. i missed period this month and i had a tubal ligation filshie clips. do you think i might be pregnant? sometimes i got sore my nipple but not all the time. help me, thanks for ur share.Yes it is possible to fall pregnant after a tubal ligation. If you do happen to fall pregnant naturally, the chance of a eptopic pregnancy (in the fallopian tube) is very high. falling pregnant naturally is very slim only happening to 1% of tubal ligations. however, if you want to fall pregnant on purpose, getting a reversal is the best opiton, women have fallen pregnant getting reversals as many as 8 years after the initial tubal ligation (of course its not to say it cant happen with later operations)but intially the sooner the better for success. goodluckYes. A tubal ligation is approximately 99% effective during the first year after it is done.After that its effectiveness may be reduced slightly with the onset of time assince the fallopian tubes can, in some cases, reform or reconnect and this can lead to unwanted pregnancy. Method failure is difficult to detect, except by subsequent pregnancy, If pregnancy does occur it carries a 33% chance of being an ectopic pregnancy.

How old do you have to be to get a tubal?

It depends on where you live

You are 2 months late and you have your tubes tide and you had them tied about 17 months ago what are the causes why im late and im 29 years old can you be going through menpoose at this age?

Tubal ligation does not cause menopause. There are lots of reasons for missing a period, including a botched tubal. Do a home preggy test. Then see a doctor if so indicated missy...!

What could be the reason an almost 47-year-old who had a tubal ligation 12 years ago would have the usual mild cramping but miss two periods?

Possibly early signs of menopause. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns. All we can do here is guess with you.

How many kids she have and how old are they?

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What does it mean when you haven't had a period for 4 months and you had a tubal ligation ten years ago and your breasts and especially your nipples are very sore i am 34?

It is unlikely you are pregnant, tubal ligations usually fail within the first one or two years if they are going to.You don't say how old you are, is it possible you are menopausal?AnswerI'm 38, I've had tests done and I'm not premenpausal

Would Medicaid help pay for a tubal ligation?

It just dependsAnswerI live in Arkansas and I just moved from Kansas, from living there all my life. In both of these states, I have talked to medicaid workers and they have all told me MEDICAID DOES PAY if the women has given birth 2 times or has been pregnant for a total of 3 times. In most cases, it is PAID for as a method of BIRTH CONTROL just because there are so many young women who get pregnant and 25% of them end in abortion, adoption or children that suffer.

Can a tubal ligation be the cause of ovarian cysts for a 24-year-old and could it complicate this condition?

A woman with PCOS would generally not be having a tubal ligation. Contrary to a previous answer, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (Stein-Leventhal Syndrome), is a rare condition that generally causes women to not have periods and they are usually sterile and may have masculine features. Tubal ligation has no relationship to ovarian cysts. All women form ovarian cysts, that is part of the ovulation process. If the cysts are smaller than 5 cm. in diameter and resolve within one cycle in women under age 30, 99% of the cysts are benign. Some women, if ther are no contraindications, even those who have had tubal ligations will go on birth control pills to prevent ovarian cysts, since oral contraceptives stop women from ovulating and consequently will prevent most ovarian cysts. The last answerer has it all wrong. They are talking about a whole different ailment. Ovarian cysts are very common in women and are usually harmless and resolve on their own. Having a tubal ligation does not prevent nor cause ovarian cysts in any way. So PCOS and ovarian cysts are two totally different problems.

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