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How old do you have to be to buy fireworks in the UK?


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you have to be 18 and over to buy fireworks in the UK!


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you need to be 18 or over to buy fireworks in the uk!

Purchase FireworksYou can buy Fireworks in Seabrook, New Hampshire.

Firecrackers are legal in the UK but fireworks are not Legal. So you can bye fireworks in the UK but not firecrackers.

the best place to buy fireworks is in the Indian Reservations

7 years old with a valid drivers license or a note from a teacher

In the UK there is no time limits on when fireworks should stop but the noise from then can be dealt with as that, noise. There is very little regulations surrounding fireworks and firework displays in the UK.

You can buy some good loud fireworks in Transylvania.

The best place to buy fireworks in Belgium is Vuurwerkstore. They have a shop that allows you to order fireworks online. Vuurwerkstore offers a lot of fireworks and related products.

Bangers were banned in the UK in 1997.

16 years old. But in order to buy scratch cards online in the UK you must be at least 18

In a pet store in the UK it is legal for a 12 year old to buy a pet.

Some of the companies that sell fireworks in Florida include Phantom Fireworks, Galaxy Fireworks, Sky King Fireworks, TNT Fireworks and Four Seasons Fireworks.

You are allowed to buy fireworks at age eighteen. That is the minimum age you can buy them. The age might vary for different states.

The best place to buy fireworks online in Belgium is Vuurwerkstore.

You can be 4 years old and buy it. Just walk into Home Depot, buy it and that's it.

The specific age to use fireworks in the UK is 13 any child ( young adult) under 13 is illegal.

You can buy them at Auldi's and at the store, FIREWORKS.

It depends where you live. In the UK you can light fireworks any day of the year

16 or no age if its not a solvent.

You can buy fireworks around the July 4th period, so from early June to mid July, and there is the Freedom Party where you can watch fireworks and buy Freedom themed clothing and fireworks.

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