Las Vegas

How old do you have to be to go into a casino in Las Vegas?

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2009-06-18 19:19:59

You have to be 21 years old to gamble or be in the gambiling

area of a casino in the state of Nevada, as per Nevada Gaming

Commission. Someone under the age of 21 can walk through a casino

in order to get to a restaurant, guest rooms, restrooms, or kid's

arcade, but they can not linger in the gaming area. There are some

hefty fines, up to $10,000, if a minor gets caught gambling. Fake

IDs do not pass the test of security officers and casino employees,

we are well trained in what to look for. And if you do not get

caught and you win a jackpot you will not get paid, ID required for

payouts of over $1,199, and quite possibly you will face jail


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