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when you turn 18 you can go live with friend. but if you are under 18 you can't live with friend until you are 18 and over.

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Q: How old do you have to be to leave home and go and live with a friend?
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You live in Arkansas and you feel threatened how can you leave home?

i live in Arkansas and 16years old pregnant and feel thretened how can i leave home

Can a 16-year-old leave home and move in with a friend?

Can you move out at age 16, without parents permition? can a 16year old leave home

Can a 15 year old in Ontario leave home to stay with her boyfriend or friend?

Yes If it is a safe and healthy enviroment! Any child 12 years old or older can leave home!

Can a thirteen year old leave home an live a grandparent?

No, it's the parents that decide where you have to live.

Can a 17 year old leave home and live with another family?

Not sure about where you live, to know the laws. In the state of Georgia, you are legal to leave home at the age of 17, and free to live where you want to.

Can a 17-year-old leave home and legally live in the state of Kansas?

No, a 17 year old teenager can not legally leave home in the state of Kansas. When the teen turns 18, they may leave the parents home.

Why did the 3 little pigs leave home?

In the story, The 3 Little Pigs, they leave home after their mother feels they are too old to live with her. They each go on to building homes with different materials.

How old do you need to be to leave home?

You can leave home when your about 18-20 years old.

How can a 16-year old in Wisconsin leave home and live with his 18-year old girlfriend?

With his parents' permission he can live anywhere.

Can a 16-year-old in Florida leave his home and live with a friend and not get in any legal trouble even if his parents have kicked him out before?

Hey I'm 16 and live in Florida and my mom has threated many times to kick me out and think that if they threat to kick you out then you should be able to live with a friend.. heather

Can a 16 year-old girl leave home and live with her boyfriend with parents permission?


Can a seventeen-year-old in Oklahoma leave her mother's home to live with her father who does not have custody?

By this age, the 17 year old can choose whom to live with. You have to wait until 18 to just leave, but if you file the proper paperwork, you can leave sooner to live with your dad.

When do wolves leave home?

They leave their home when they are about two years old.

If you are 14 and have problems at home can you move out with your boyfriend's parents who will support you?

No. A 14-year-old does not get to decide where they live. If you leave home and your boyfriend

In the state of New Mexico can you leave home at 17 years old?

If your parents have given permission. Otherwise you live where they want you to live.

Can a 17 year old leave home to live with a friend without parental consent?

I would not reccomend this. If you runaway they may call the cops and it may freak them out. Though if something bad is happening at home talk to a counselor, trusted adult, or the cops.

Can a 15 year old make it that she can live with a friend instead of at home?

No. Her parents can allow her to live there if they wish. If the parents of the minor give permission, they can live anywhere.

Can a 17 year old female live with her 19 year old boyfriend in Georgia?

Yes, you can leave home at age 17 in Georgia.

Can a 16 year old leave home if they have somewhere to live?

No. You must be 18 or have your parental rights signed over.

Can a 17 year old leave home and live with another family in the state of MO?

Only if they have their parents' permission.

Can 15 year old leave home with parents permisson in Tulsa ok?

Yes, with parental permission you may leave home. Until the age of majority your parents are responsible for you and where you live. Once you get to 18 years old you no longer need their permission.

Can your 16-year old living in Illinois leave home and live with her 19-year old girlfriend in Wisconsin?

They need your permission

What happens if a 14 year old leaves home to live with a friend in MI?

The police will bring him home as a runaway. Until he reaches the age of majority, 18 in Michigan, a minor is expected to live where their parents want them to live.

Can you legally leave home when you are 17?

She or he can leave home at the age of 17 yours old in texas. parents can not stop you. it is legal for them to leave.

Am 17 biut my birthday is in a month can i leave home?

Yes, of course you can leave home, you are old enough, leave NOW! From: Samantha