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Q: How old do you have to be to work at Pretzel Twister?
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What was Twister's original name?


What is the game of twister originally called?


A game that used to be called called pretzel?


Which game of physical skill was originally named Pretzel?


How old do you have to be to work at the philly pretzel factory?

17 years old m8s 17 years old m8s

Can a 15 year old work at the philly pretzel factory?

You can, but you can only ring customers up. this can vary depending on the state, but it is required by law in most states that no one under the age of 18 is allowed to use the mixer, stringer or oven. Most Pretzel Factories employ those over 18.

How old is the game twister?

It was invented in 1966. You do the math.

Who came out first bone thugs or twister?


How old is the girl in the twister ad with sally field?


Why is a pretzel called a pretzel?

It's difficult to work out. It may have come from pretiolas - little rewards - from Southern France. Other suggestions is that is come from the German brezel, a bracelet.

How do you spell pretzel in french?


What language does the word pretzel come from?

It originated around 1815-1825 and comes from the German word Pretzel, a variant of Bretzel. In Old High German it was brizzila, which came from the Medieval Latin word bracellus, meaning "bracelet".

What is a sentence for pretzel?

We went to the mall and bought a pretzel.

What is the meaning of pretzel?

Pretzel is a swirly looking bread...

What is a tongue twister about gold?

gold is old but gold holds onto the earth

What came first the hard pretzel or the soft pretzel?

the soft

How can you use the word pretzel in a sentence?

This pretzel is making me thirsty

How much is a pretzel at wetzel pretzel?

They are between $3.00 and $5.00.

When was Pretzel Nugget created?

Pretzel Nugget was created in 1994.

When was Wisdom of the Pretzel created?

Wisdom of the Pretzel was created in 2002.

How do you use pretzel in a sentence?

My stomach was knotted like a pretzel. I would very much like to have another pretzel, please.

How many calories in a auntie anne's pepperoni pretzel?

original pepperoni pretzel :480 Pepperoni pretzel with no butter: 440

Did George Bush almost get assassinated by a pretzel?

About as assassinated as a pretzel can assassinate.

What is a pretzel?

A pretzel is a toasted bread or cracker in the shape of a loose knot.

What is the food 'pretzel' in Latin?

A 'pretzel' in Latin is a 'pretiola' ('pretiolae', if plural).