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It varies by who you get your certification through. Many require a high school diploma or equivalent and others require a BS/BA or work experience in a similar field. I have never seen a reputable professional organization that allows a minor to be certified.

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There is no minimum age to be a crossfit trainer. However, you may need to be 18 to receive insurance. To become a crossfit trainer you must attend a crossfit certification seminar.

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Q: How old do you need to be a fitness instructor?
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Where can I train to be a pure Fitness instructor?

You do need to undergo a training to become a pure Fitness instructor. If interested you would have to bring a resume to your local pure Fitness location.

To get fitness Lessons and Training, do I need an instructor with a fitness certificate?

An instructor with a fitness certificate isn't necesarilly better, but has probably undergone safety procedures and taken more classes then one without so i would look for an instructor with one.

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What kind of liability insurance does a private fitness instructor need?

Your need Professional Liability

How do I start my own classes as a Fitness instructor?

To become a Fitness instructor you need to get proper certification by taking courses. Once certified you can start your own company or work for a larger company.

What is a good Halloween costume for a fitness instructor?

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Where can I find a Fitness instructor course?

You can take a Fitness instructor course if you are interested in becoming a Fitness instructor, but if you are just looking at becoming more fit there are other options. You could join a gym or Fitness club to assist you in becoming more fit. Another option would be to hire a personal trainer or Fitness instructor to assist you in making a plan to attain your goals.

How old is Denise Austin?

US fitness instructor Denise Austin is 60 years old (birthdate: February 13, 1957)

How can I become a fitness instructor?

Try going to one of these fitness instructor colleges/universities, . The requirements are pretty standard and easy. Almost anyone can be one as long as your fit and have a hardy personality.

How to Find Fitness Instructor Schools?

With the growth of interest in physical fitness over the years, there has been a growing market for fitness instructors. This has also led to a large number of fitness instructor schools being run all over the country, and even online. However, keep in mind that not all fitness instructor schools are for everyone, and you'll need to check out the curriculum of each school before you ever sign up. When you are looking for fitness instructor schools, simply do a search for them online. However, make sure that you check out each school thoroughly to ensure they have a methodology that suits you.

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